Stockport Write Out Loud 9/8/10

With Baggy back in the saddle (thanks to faithful 'ol retainer JK for his stewardship of the past 2 months), it was (ab)normal service resumed with the usual eclectic mix of light and dark words and feeling, usually from the same performer.

Nigel took us from the the heights of passion to a funereal ode in the blink of an eye with John's schooldays (possibly subliminal) mixing with the dark side - although not in a Vaderish way!
Chris thought tonight would be murder (maybe for some it was) but then returned with a grandson's tale, as Linda's yearning for reality TV destruction could well have been carried out by those pesky kids in the street.
And intertwined we had the (quite scary) image of Paul as a Chippendale, views of cows in balloons created by Steve, Meshach's nocturnal musings, Lynda's flesh yearnings, Jane's herbal remedies and Maggie's shopping list as John took us on a tour of Cheshire that avoided Stockport - better not tell the Tourist Board that John - all while Andy's twist on his lighthouse adventures led to a lost cap.

Light? Dark? Murky waters? Clean streams? All there for your delectation, and all preparing for NEXT MONTHS TOPIC, which is BOOKS. Oh yes: a love of, your favourite, writing, reading, searching, perusing.....whatever comes, it'll come, let it come.

Monday 13th September at 7pm at Stockport Art Gallery.
Wed, 11 Aug 2010 11:22 am
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enjoyed the night, Paul must admit.. helped me get used to read a few brand new pieces.. the last one 'your best friend' (which had nothing to do with lighthouses) was only finished at just turned 4pm on the day of the reading...

hope i can make the september one.
Wed, 11 Aug 2010 01:53 pm
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