Rude Shipyard Sheffield - Shipping Forecast

Thursday 9 June 2011. made my way from Castleford to the above event, friendly bunch to start with, probably still are. Was asked if I wanted to go on first but gave that priveledge to a gropup from Hull as they had travelled futher and got there just before me. Was put on the list for later as were others.
Wrote a poem of expectancy before the gig started.
Gig started with the usual pre reading banter and the first reader, complete with drunken loudmouth likewise second and following readers, various attempts were made to ask for silence but to no avail. So exit one poet from Castleford, and when he got home a poetic description of what happened.
Question: Why should we be expected to put up with such behaviour, why are there no rules or such from the organisers to prevent such behaviour.
Good job it was a free event or I'd have felt robbed.
Poem about it on my blog Trev Cas' Lad
Sun, 12 Jun 2011 04:36 pm
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