My anthology, "The P.O.T"

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(Poured Out Thoughts)

A collection of poems

As Written By:
Mr. Ben

The P.O.T (Poured Out Thoughts) is analogous to water being poured out from a pot to the ground. Here, water is a representation of thoughts and the ground represents the peoples’ minds.
It is a collection of poems that draws its thoughts from the interests of inspiration, motivation, spirituality, personal issues, nature and mankind. Though, The P.O.T, consisting of long and short poems, portrays ‘cut-across-all-ages’ consequences, the thoughts about love and nature are being poured out on the grounds (minds ) of nature lovers and readers of (true) love.
The collection of poems has also two ‘poetic slices’---The Broken Mirror--- as found in the fiction piece, The Broken Mirror---written by the author. It has the Nigerian and foreign versions.
The thoughts poured out touch on the states people of all ages get to find themselves. From school children to the working population---to the entire population---including the ‘senior age’ persons, it mirrors their pursuits, pains, frustrations, pitfalls, discouragements, questions but tries the possibility of hope.
The eleven-poem piece has some of its sub-titles excerpted from the works of the author. For instance, “Out of the Box”, “If:”, “Heralding God’s Magnificence”, “See Life In Your Own Way” and “Dad Loves Me” extracted from his works: Talking Thoughts (Non-Fiction), comprising of “Out of the Box” and “If:”, The Christian Matrix (a collection of Christian stories), as having “Heralding God’s Magnificence”, “See Life In Your Own Way” and “Dad Loves Me” as found in The World We Live In (a short story collection).

The Making of self in the light of the tree
I’m Rooted in Self-discovery
I’m Stemming out in Self-realization
I’m Branching forth in Self-Dynamism
I’m Leaving in the process of Self-completion
I’m Flowering in Self-propagation
I’m Fruiting in Self-Productivity

True Poetry
True poetry is brought forth when there is a ‘Pouring Out (of) Emotions Through Real Yearning’. In other words, the ‘Pouring Out of Emotions Through (the) Reality (of) Yearning’ defines True poetry

Mr. Ben.

Table of Contents
A) Out of the Box
B) See Life In Your Own Way
C) Heralding God’s Magnificence
D) We Are Children
E) Family
F) Nature’s Blessings
G) The Other Side of Nature’s Consciousness
H) Save Mankind
I) The Faces of L.O.V.E
J) Dad Loves Me
K) If:

Poetry Slices
Author Bibliography


Out of the Box
Out of the Box

I was lost in the box called life…In it,

I wanted learning
but my education was deafening
I wanted truth
but my reality faked its root
I wanted to buy the right counsel
but my mind controller got me its left sell
I wanted to be free
but my pursuit turned a tree
I wanted information
but my vision brought me deformation
I wanted wellness
but my state showed illness
I wanted food
but my money was rude
I wanted a wife
but my life mirrored a knife!
I wanted the clarity of pleasure
but my naked eyes saw the dullness of pressure
I wanted to live forever
but my death was to question For Ever
I wanted peace
but my perception reflected unease

I wanted to know about people
but my understanding was a fumble
I wanted to be everyone’s friend
but my experience was the pal’s end
I wanted to be rich
but my efforts didn’t catch a fish!
I wanted direction
but my limitation was the obstruction
I wanted to know the ‘why’ to everything happening
but my answer had to cry to all prevailing
I wanted to invest in good
but my previous return showed “fooled”
I wanted to scream because of pains
but my calmness showed up because of gains

I wanted people to hear my voice
but my quest was a noise
I wanted money
but my struggle was funny!
I wanted to know why the world was divided
but the response was: “Its control is what’s favorite”
I wanted to know what happens after death
but my physical life told me I was on earth
I wanted to tell people my experience
but my words failed me in their presence
I wanted to know if I knew what I know
but my existence replied with a “NO!”
I wanted to find myself through my works
but my inner-self whispered: “If you want to find yourself, then think Out Of the Box!”
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See Life In Your Own Way
Deceptions try permeating my sub-conscious like a virus
Ugly events want to make me dance bad circus
I choose to see myself as the citrus
That grows in the field of peace
Never caught up by the weeds of disease
I’m hooked with creativity through my ability
To express my service to humanity
I see life my own way
Decided not to be in dis-array
It doesn’t matter the name;
Whose distraction is giving him the fame
For I know that’s his game

I’m out for the money
but not down with the honeys
because they are monkeys
pretending to be like good mummies
I’m ahead of my time like time
That’s why you don’t see me all the time
That’s the way I see it…My own way
So, see life in your own way!

Heralding God’s Magnificence
Lord, thank you for grace
For you are with me always as I run my race
Inspite of my nakedness, you shield me with your lace
By faith, I can move mountains
For you’ve made me an ace
Christ is my base
I can’t be shaken by life’s rays
For in God’s presence, I’m more than all mays
And in Christ, I put my enemies at infinite bays
The Lord God is in charge of my case
For His word is greater than what anybody says
His death on the cross is greater than all my big pays
So, I’ve chosen to serve Him, Grace!

We Are Children!
We make the world go round
but we are taken to the ground
We make ourselves ready to be used
but we are abused!
We make the world a proud place
but we are pushed aside in many ways!
We make up the figure
but we are not shown the gesture!
We make forgiveness our priority
but we are faced with cruelty!
We make the truth our watch-word
but we are influenced by the Liar’s Rod!
We make the world one
but we are treated as none!
We make freedom play out itself
but we are stuck in the growing years of self!
We make ourselves happy at school
but we are not just cool!
We make our elders better brethren
but we are children!

I am the symbol of unity
I am the showcase of magnanimity
I am the reason for marriage
I am not regarding age
I am the room where my members rage
(Yet) I am the reason for the home
I am the husband’s and wife’s foam
I am the reason man and wife stay warm
I am the inspiration behind children
I am the very society’s pen
I am “Love Reign Supreme”
I ensure all members are at their prime
I put the very needed effects in the home on time
“Who are you?” asks Mr. Rhyme.
I simply reply: I am Family.

Nature’s Blessings
The sun’s unparalleled beauty of illumination at day…
The moon’s complementary brightness at night…
The earth’s peculiarity of revolution…
The water’s outstanding universality…
The wind’s timeless motion…
The Fire’s power of flaming warmth…
The plant’s unique culture of adaptability…
The animal’s lifestyle of survivability…
The loving relationship among all planets…
The monitoring positions of the stars…
The accommodating stance of the skies…
The Reality of humanity’s consciousness…
sum up to Nature’s Blessings.

The Other side of Nature’s Consciousness
As I gazed the length and breadth of nature’s creations,
i saw the upper and lower identities of its limitation.
I asked, “Are my eyes seeing the right vision?”
A voice whispered: “That’s your perception”
“Perception?!” became the wondering question
When I took a closer look at all of nature’s variations,
my consciousness took to the following observations:
The upper identities of nature’s limitations are positives
The lower identities of nature’s limitations are negatives
As I treaded the path of understanding in carefulness,
the same voice opened up: “ Welcome to the other side of nature’s consciousness”

“First”, the voice said to me, “I will explain the upper identities”
I excused my lame senses
to listen to the voice’s tenses
“The sun has all available energy varieties…
The earth and all her inhabitants use its power to build their edifice
The plants use the energy in their guises and give humanity a life-hold as a sacrifice. But…”
“But what?” I asked, wanting to know in eagerness.
It said: “Welcome to the other side of nature’s consciousness”
“Now to the other part, these are what I have to say” the voice sounded
“The sun’s power had been so wrongly illuminated
that the earth’s inhabitants were destroyed
The knowledge about Nature had been negatively reversed
that the earth became hell-revisited
The plants consequently became poisoned
that man became what animals on-preyed
The LIVE of nature had been made to be dependent on EVIL committed.
that it would be impossible to tell you the uncomprehend!”
“What is it?” I hastily asked.
“The other side of Nature’s consciousness” the voice replied.

Save Mankind
Man seeks a savior
He goes about it using it vigor
He is aware of the rigor

Man looks at the environment
He figures the movement
He ensures it will last all moments

Man discovers he’s wrong
He thinks of the way out through his song
He works out his strong

Man searches for riches
He goes all out for the fishes
He thinks that they will meet his very wishes

Man is dissatisfied
He is worried he is not gratified
He believes his agenda will be clarified.

Man goes after wellness
He seeks to work its happiness
He feels that’s his essence

Man realizes he’s in a vicious circle
He devises the way-out of the ridicule
He’s certain his IQ would bring the driving vehicle

Man seeks a life companion
He searches in passion
He’s sure this won’t take him to oblivion

Man is failing over a time-a hundredth
He sees himself being swallowed up by the earth
He makes his priority death

This time…
Man seeks his kind
He engages with a tough find
He succeeds on the note: “Save Mankind”

The Faces of L.O.V.E
Love’s gentle touch knows no equal
Love’s goodness breaks the strongest wall
Love’s greatness breaks the largest mall
Love’s gift should be everyone’s call

Love’s courage makes man abound
Love’s care makes posterity surround
Love’s cause heals the odd wound
Love’s cast takes off the burden of the heavy ground.

Love Lets Offered Values Exist
Love Locks Off Vices Exceedingly
Love Labels Outrightly Valued Entities
Love Locates Obvious Virtues Easily

These are the faces of L.O.V.E.

Dad Loves Me
Dad loves me
because He made me
Dad makes me trust him
because he made my team
Dad makes me strong
because he made me not want
Dad makes me smile
because he took care of my file
Dad makes me sleep well
because he made me well
Dad makes me work
because he made me walk
Dad makes me obey
because he kept ‘Bad’ at bay
Dad makes me pass life’s test
because he made me life’s best
Dad makes me read my book
because he made me the nook
Dad makes me a way
because he made me pray
Dad makes me alive
because he gave me a life
Dad makes me like everyone
because he made love anyone
Dad makes me preach
because he made me teach
Dad makes me modest
because he made me honest
Dad makes me eat
because he made me fit
Daddy loves me always! That’s why I love him too!

WAR is best served RAW,
The LIVE appearance of the world is EVIL,
“To have WON” is only appreciated in the NOW,
a RAM is the grass’ MAR,
MALI has the same energy state as LIMA,
a WOLF can keep up with its activity FLOW,
LAUD really share similar characters with DUAL,
a BAT can keep a TAB on its prey,
moving through the RAIL of life would make me a LIAR,
my ‘i WAS’ actually referred to my ‘i SAW’,
dinosaurs ARE existing in our ERA,
a MUG could only be made out of a GUM,
a certain PAT can TAP into the potentials of his subordinates,
a PART of crime is a TRAP over innocence,
YAM can fully be harvested in the month of MAY,
one could ZAP available energies in la-PAZ,
the tip of an abyss is a sub-set of the bottom-less PIT,
RAGE could reach its GEAR of destruction,
in a POOL of water lies its LOOP of ripples
one could RAP her way to be at PAR with the opulent,
OPRAH, don’t you think we need to inform HARPO about these?

The Broken Mirror (The Nigerian Version)
I was angry with everyone
because I thought they offended me
This happened a long time ago
and I never knew this had gotten to me
I decided to take a picture of me
to know why I thought they vexed me…
What I saw was nothing
But “The Broken Mirror”

The Broken Mirror (The Foreign Version)
They were unhappy on the inside
because situations had taken them for a ride
So, as they were figuring out a hide,
They sought to take a look at the corridor…
All they saw was…
“The Broken Mirror”

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