Curriculum Vitae Personal Information Name(s): Ihekuna Chimezie Benedict Pen Name(s): Mr. Ben, Chimes, Chimpo Date of Birth: 12th of July, 1984 Sex: Male Status: Single Country of Origin: Nigeria Educational Background (Qualifications) Primary School Leaving Certificate (1995) Junior Secondary School Leaving Certificate (1998) Senior Secondary School Certificate (2001/2002) Standard Associated Examining Board Certificate (Advanced Level) (2003, 2004) Some university education in Science and Laboratory Technology and Mechanical Engineering (2003-2004 and 2006-2009 respectively) Foundation (Pre-science programme) Course 2004/2005 Schools Attended Yewande Memorial School (1989-1994) Ansar-Ud Deen Primary School (1994/1995) Ansar-Ud Deen High School (1995, briefly) Ogunlade College (1995-2001) Federal University of Technology, Owerri (2003-2004) University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (2006-2009) Writing Experience Years of creative writing (since 2006) Major contestant at the Totally Twisted Creative Writing Competition (2011) Major Contestant at the Bound Off Writing competition-current Currently contesting for the and competition Other writing competitions for merging writers and aspiring authors (2010, 2011) Other Written Works by the author Works of fiction 1) The Broken Mirror (The Nigerian Version) 2) The Broken Mirror (The foreign Version) 3) Wake Up, Dream Boy! 4) One Man’s Deep Words 5) Journey to Love 6) Christmas Time! 7) God’s Love Towards His People 8) Stories of Life Significance… Published Works 1) Life’s Twists (Fiction) 2) The Blueprint (Fiction) 3) Winds of Change (fiction) 4) AMY.W.COM (Non-fiction) 5) The Limitation of Man’s Love, The Greatness of God’s Love (Fiction---short story collection) Represented Works Maya: Initiate 39 (Second edition) The World We Live In (Second Edition) Saved By His Grace (A play) Saved By His Grace (a play and story) The Ideas Behind Them Talking Thoughts (book and talk album) Non-fiction 1) A Successful Marriage 2) 11 Major Deceptions You Must Guard Against… 3) 7 Mistakes Christians Make and The Benediction 4) The M-LAW Link---Man’s contribution to living dynamics 5) What should we crave for in life? 6) The Ideas Behind Them (II) Representative contacts Name: MARIA a zani Postal Address: 3/2 263 Cumbernauld Road, Dennistown Glasgow UK, Scotland. 631206 Phone: +441413901989 Email: Her Links: films theatre music acting directing script writing research pr drama art painting events training crew work Maria Zani - IMDb Maria Zani, known for FighterZ (2015). Maria Zani - Celebrity Booker | The Talent Manager Extremely talented hard working multi skilled an art and music management background as well a customer service background. I have worked behind and in ... Maria Zani (@bluebirdhoney) | Twitter Maria Zani - UK Music Jobs › Profile maria zani Maria A Zani's Reel - Stage 32 Producer: FighterZ. Maria Zani is an actress and producer. AIM To bring humanity to a stance of practical understanding of appreciating the entirety of its existence by recognizing subtle, demystified and easy-to-relate-with philosophies(the true light of mankind) that transcend ‘threshold’ notions about living using the mechanism of creative writing. Hobbies Playing and watching football, listening to quality musical genres, talking sensibly, reading and writing, traveling, communicating, watching epic, classical, and action-packed modern movies Author Contact Information E-mail Addresses: Mailing or Postal Address: 19, Onadeko Street, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria Social Media Contacts or Addresses: Chimezie Benedict,,, Website(s)/Blogsite(s)/URL(s) Phone: +2348062162220 Representative Information Name: Maria A Zani Postal Address: 3/2 263 Cumbernauld Road, Dennistown Glasgow UK, Scotland. 631206 Phone: +441413901989


Out of The Box (A) Out of the Box Out of the Box I was lost in the box called life…In it, (I) I wanted learning but my education was deafening I wanted truth but my reality faked its root I wanted to buy the right counsel but my mind controller got me its left sell I wanted to be free but my pursuit turned a tree I wanted information but my vision brought me deformation I wanted wellness but my state showed illness I wanted food but my money was rude I wanted a wife but my life mirrored a knife! I wanted the clarity of pleasure but my naked eyes saw the dullness of pressure I wanted to live forever but my death was to question For Ever I wanted peace but my perception reflected unease (II) I wanted to know about people but my understanding was a fumble I wanted to be everyone’s friend but my experience was the pal’s end I wanted to be rich but my efforts didn’t catch a fish! I wanted direction but my limitation was the obstruction I wanted to know the ‘why’ to everything happening but my answer had to cry to all prevailing I wanted to invest in good but my previous return showed “fooled” I wanted to scream because of pains but my calmness showed up because of gains (III) I wanted people to hear my voice but my quest was a noise I wanted money but my struggle was funny! I wanted to know why the world was divided but the response was: “Its control is what’s favorite” I wanted to know what happens after death but my physical life told me I was on earth I wanted to tell people my experience but my words failed me in their presence I wanted to know if I knew what I know but my existence replied with a “NO!” I wanted to find myself through my works but my inner-self whispered: “If you want to find yourself, then think Out Of the Box!” NOTE: ALL POSTS BY THE AUTHOR ARE HIS ORIGINALS. THEREFORE, PERMISSIONS MUST BE SOUGHT FROM HIM FOR USE. THANKS

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

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