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Covid 19

Is the corona virus panic having an impact on poetry events. I'm part of an organisation that puts on a lot of different types of events and we are seriously considering the impact of the media hype on attendances at them.
Tue, 10 Mar 2020 08:59 am
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This is where we are at the moment, Paul. Still early days in UK, but my hunch is that venues may start cancelling events, even when organisers still want to go ahead with them https://www.writeoutloud.net/public/blogentry.php?blogentryid=100131
Wed, 11 Mar 2020 10:50 pm
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I see the Gig Guide has been removed on government advice.

I think most groups will be closed, or the venues closed.

Good for Sale, getting technical. There are two or three possible platforms for live sharing.

People don't seem to respond to Discussions here much. I rarely visit myself. But it might be useful if people share what works.
Fri, 20 Mar 2020 08:25 pm
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You're right, Freda. Sale's night took place on Zoom. Luke Wright is appearing on Twitter, and passing a virtual hat round. A number of sessions are being set up on Facebook. To be fair, I don't think our Gig Guide was mentioned by Boris Johnson. But since there weren't going to be any more live gigs, we decided to remove it from the page immediately - something that our technical supremo Paul Emberson managed while the teatime news bulletins were still taking place.
Fri, 20 Mar 2020 10:07 pm
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My Radio Show 5 Towns Classics if off the air until futher notice as the community centre where 5 Towns Radio is based has closed.
Sun, 22 Mar 2020 02:32 pm
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Sorry to hear that, Trevor. Any other online alternatives for you?
Sun, 22 Mar 2020 11:03 pm
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Thanks Greg
Plenty on facebook for me but the post was aimed at my listeners to let them know.
Mon, 23 Mar 2020 09:31 am
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