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Cry me a river

so I know you can feel

the heartache which splits me apart

in hopes you will come 

with a stick of glue


get me that violin 

and sing me a song

for I’d play,

until my fingers fell off

just to hear you sing along


or come kiss me goodnight

bless me with your gentle touch

and look at me with those glittering stars 

so I may fall asleep 


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The Vagabond

she is the vagabond

who wanders with the winds

forever adrift 

a prisoner to her sins


by dawn she appears

nextdoor, or nearby 

she’ll pay you no mind

nor lift you an eye


now, offer her aid

let her stay for a while

she’ll throw you a laugh

or feign you a smile 


but soon as you stop

and question her ways

her grin disappears

her eyes fill wi...

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I want to drape the page

with memories, love

with wandering thoughts and

painful regret


I want to wonder

what I could be, and would

if I took my words and

made them come true


or is that unwise?

to wish for a change 

for the dreams to leave my mind

and join the sunlight around me


I want to climb the tallest mountains 

and trees

I would fall i...

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once stood a great warrior

of malice and pride

with no battle too bloody

for his hungering eyes 


his blade, sharp and stained

stood tall at his side

left in its wake

only dead men would lie


then, in the distance 

that red, setting sun

gave a glimpse to the man

of the deeds he had done


the crimson and black

was all he could see

he saw not the...

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