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Alex Smith on juniper tree (Sat, 31 Dec 2016 01:20 pm)

juniper tree

juniper tree outside my window

in a space i made for myself

this morning at 2 am

too hot in your room for sharing

i am the most temporary in this

place for people with nowhere

to stop.

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snow swirling outside the window after a clear blue day

some suns colluding here, an opening into the heart of the universe

has made all things possible

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words falling freely

a lovespring whose source cannot be stopped

but i spit choke and swallow

sucked under and drowning in silence

i spell out what i cannot say and life flows by without me.

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fuck you i am angry at someone who not you me i myself


empty your head empty your head empty your head act from your heart speak the truth defend yourself





violence is not a solution

the world is a violent place.

if i were to turn the other cheek does that mean that i give up my life?

if i value my life more than my humility does that mean that i g...

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oh girl

oh girl. the rules are upside down for you,

nowhere to look for the answers

they all written in a foreign language

not for you to understand or answer back

do as you told, silent woman,

stay where you belong.

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keep moving stop talking

if its something you are talking about then its something you have not mastered yet

open body language, arms wide eyes to the skies feet on the ground keep moving

keep moving keep moving keep moving

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how do you write life?

from the seed of humility grows the stem of nobility and the flowers of beauty.

and when you realise all of the things that have pointing you in the right direction slipped into your life byyour unconscious mind then you will WAKE THE FUCK UP and see what is really going on in the world and know that you are alive and that you are following the true path



how do you write a word tha...

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how to enter the circle without falling into the centre

join gently with the one you find yourself nearest to and

send your strength along the chain right unto the furthest

part, your counterpoint and polar opposite, the one whom

you must balance and become in order to make a whole.

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gaza strip

on the gaza strip

a war is raging

land is gained

land is lost

we speak

we don't speak

the darkness comes

the darkness fades away

the only resolution

is death

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i am myself

i am myself no one else

i don't need your bad advice

 i sing my song i wrote the words

i know the tune that fits my voice

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