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War is sick, 2005

It is finally over

those hours of

repeating bomb curtains

Green and rustic has faded

to bubbling mud pools

Death and decay

are now the rulers of the land

Friend or foe

German or English


blood and shredded


Stumps mark bodies along the paths

And soldiers just passing by


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Totes Meer, part 2005

As far as the eye can reach

you will see the fallen god like sons

They died for an idealism

that could not stand the test of time




Riddled with bulletholes



Ripped apart


A snow coloured owl

Looked on to this with stone cold eyes

Spreads his heaven send wings


And flies noiseless away




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Shipwreck by JMW Turner

The raft



and their appointment

with destiny

Swirling waves

as high as a house

The wind sailed the art of human instincts


Drenched they see

the failure of the rescue

in front of them

This moment will not be forgotten

Just spare our lives

Show us your mercy

even for a small amount of time


We must go forth




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No mirror

Your body shows in the reflection

Of the gold plated mirror

The glory of your light skinned self

is like a waterfall of fresh colours

Smelling like the first warm summers day

Growing as the most beautiful flower

i look at your piece of uncovered back

and stare without shame at the style

of your hair

You sparkle full of life

You are my life



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No Buchenwald

The floor is littered

naked is the truth

loosely stacked

in the corner

forgotten are the sins

silenced mouths

skin and bones


Life in general passes by

in a murderous tempo


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No fosfor

The light explaines the deed

generated by strange combinations

Fatigue disappears from

the stunned faces

The ticking of the clock and

the sound of popping wood

in the fireplace


Reecho like iron beaten on

firm anvils

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No shooting on may third

The aiming of the cast iron

gun barrel

Brought a sting trough his heart

No, not meeting the same fate

like the others

The strangers

The godless

The everlasting dead

Just a simple gasp escaped

his mouth trough bloodless lips

The soldiers couldnt care less

Better him and not mine

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No Passchendaele

Wet and chilled to the bone

Your skin looks brown

Show us your strenght

on old  and splintered wood

Set the cannon free that has

been rusting slowly away

Two months of moving all of them


Came with a cost of fifteen thousand

brave souls


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No more dead

They fled from the flooded trenches

Hanging on to the last threads of being human

They seek for broad shoulders, just to feel

the warmth and making them whole again

Only the form of the helmets all around them

betray bygone dreams and fast disappearing




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No fighting Temeraire

A noble heart follows

his doomed path

Thick black smoke that is regurgitated

and vanes that hit on the soft splashing water

On this tiny and very noisy ship, men are not worshipping

the god of bulging sails

But an god of fire and coal brings an oath

to the brackish waters of the Thames



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No sides

See the helmed peering

their eyes around the empty fields

Looking for the battery heavy cannons

that are spreading their load


Muffled impacts on the mud

are mixed with hot shards

creating a bloody path


Gritted teeth are fixing their bayonets

Their hope is to find a weak spot in

the line of their fearsome enemy


The order has been given, moist is in the a...

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No steam and speed

From afar you can hear the sound

of an approaching full metal beast

In my thoughts i see many men

fighting the enormous black steam engine

Hot air from the coal and elbow grease

penetrates the clothes that they wear

and blends with an outbreak of sweat

Hoarse voices shouting at each other

While the massive black train rambles

ahead, i am left in a total state of panic

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No totes meer

On the beach near the white cliffs of Dover

There lies the tail, ripped and shredded on the edges

but still very recognizable by the swastika

Nobody knows anything about

the life that had been lost for gott und dammerung.

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No wonder

Scheur jezelf open onder het genot van een cocktail, olie en benzine en vergeet niet de te korte lont. Speld een mouw aan het touw, verlaat dit klote leven. Roep fluisterzacht uit volle macht, tracht niets te begrijpen. Speel met mij een spel, hemel en hel, wat heb je te vrezen? Vernietig je eigen geest, heilig is het nooit geweest.


Tear your inside out while drinking a cocktail, oil and g...

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No shining stars

Een fatale fout, bracht ons in een moeilijk parket. Hoe moet je een missie volbrengen in dit verloren leven? De hoop was vervlogen, het loog er niet om, de som van het totaal. Spiraal omlaag in het vlees vervlochten, de knokkels wijzen grijs de doods reutel nog om de mond. Waarom verberg je je ware gevoelens onder het mes? In gedachten viel het doek, fluweelzacht wacht, toon je interne kracht. Wat...

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No more heroes

Life in a nut shell died secretly

out of our system

Available are the dreams

an illusion

Cursed fata morgana

Stumble through the sand

Random is the dune

Swish like the ocean

Salt fills the air

I am gutted


Count your steps and things can only get better

Pictures are filling your head, a smile originate in the corner of your mouth



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No chance

Vertel over hoe het eens was, lang lang voordat deze wreed werd afgekapt, bij de hals als een roestig mes langzaam zagend Een stoel werkt niet met afgerukte poten, vlees zonder boter. Isolatie werkt dan wel weer, afkeer bedacht abstrakt een kogel werkt niet zonder geweer. Rond dolende doden oorlogs gebonden tellen voor minder dan menig virus verstrekt in volkomen willekeur, de kleur ontbeert de ge...

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No more mister nice guy

Once we were the future, wild dreams and vague ideals

The now is calling for survival

Mighty nightmares and hated story telling

Our generation is contaminated

It leaks wound fluid

Naked in the face of the red death

Nothing that will look the same, you little human

You are nothing more than dust in the eye of the cosmos


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No life on Earth

Between bamboo shoots you will find a few viruses---what a wonderful world

Hiding in the dark---death cuts corners

Only one can win and book some advantages---mutation is a step in the right direction

The race to the throne---silent hunter

Mankind was a mistake---few will survive

There is no reason why we would face it head on---cowards way out

Dont save what is dying---a new con...

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No answer to give

Are you forgetting about what is really important---in our lifetime

You are not living in the past---time goes on

No future in the present day---all hope is gone

Impulsive and destructive---do not forget to take your meds

I dont care about your reason---cold to the touch

Show me what you couldnt----do

Just count your blessings---five fingers on each hand

The alphabet stops---n...

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No problem

What could happen?

If we would fight till death, just to get a piece of nothing

From living to just be dead in a matter of seconds

Life should be worth living for

The creature is done with your idea of dying all the time


Throw the grim reaper out of your life

Language does not stop in smaller sizes

From now on it shall be round

Vocabulary sends sparks, a creepy guy loo...

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No dutch/english

Mijn hand wordt gestuurd, pen ferm geklemd. Het oog gekoppeld aan het brein neemt waar en registreert elk miniscuul


Ziet u nu met beide ogen

Voelt u die kriebel over de huid van uw ruggengraat gaan

Het begon allemaal

Minder dan een etmaal

Irritant op te spelen

Het gedachten spook

sprak zacht in beide oren

over een paradijs wat ging verloren.


A guided ha...

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No swimming

With sadness burning inside, you look back

The past is all about strangelation

Cloudy is your stare, you will swim for the last flashes

of fading life

Depth is calling you, waving goodbye

How refreshing was your dive, you even landed on your back

Distant lights, middle of the lake not even reached

An itch, then a revelation

could it just be

water behind your eardrums?


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No one knows

Where went the time, like a thief in the night it just took

away the chance of peacefull bliss

It was stolen and went up into the black of just going forward

Generation x went up in flames, to leave us in this life time

It is on us to do what is right in our mind, to strive or to surrender

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No death

Sometimes it just comes to this, the surprise, total surrender

You had to go, you had no choice, not even the stars live forever

Heaven or hell, maybe you get what you deserve my friend

Throw of the shackles, cast those stones from your shoulders

All of us are finally letting you go, gently flowing away on your own





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No forest

The shortest way to a heart, cold and lonely

A path painted with the colour of fall

This tree tells a story of every beating season

Where is the glory

Many steps


Everything will come together

In the end.


Every forest that i know

I count the rings

Somewhere in the middle


It is the truth.


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No story

How about a story?

Faded beauty

Memories dying by the break of day

Some would say

Push it away

I like my pain

Simply smiling again

Maybe next time






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No one two

Dont fall to your knees, it is the wrong message

just to please the screaming masses

Hold your head up and face the inner demons

that ruled your twisted little world

By admitting your guilt there is no saving

just the choice of last minute salvation

Who is your god now, choose wisely

Wide or narrow is the road

Abandon all hope


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No one

Ik sta moederziel alleen in een sneeuw overdekte leegte, de armen gestrekt. Ik hang aan het kruis, hier kan niets leven. Het blad is de bomen ontnomen, de struiken aan beide zijden zwijgen , het hoofd lijkt gebogen. De oogleden zijn gesloten de lach van het gezicht genomen. Alle kleur is verdwenen, ik draag de bontjas en hoge hoed. De zon is nooit meer opgekomen, grijs en grauw zijn de bo...

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Ik weet het nog als de dag van ergens vorig jaar Toen wij zoekend waren

Daar tussen Stond de mooiste vogelverschrikker

Verbazing stond van onze mond in braille Beschreven

Te lezen

Mimiek sprak in 40 delen

Had jij nou op de landkaart een x geschreven?

Wij kwamen terug bij het begin

Een eind is nog niet gelezen

Ik val voor de kaft

Proloog, als nagels op een krijtbord


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