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Day In/Day Out

The time of labor start once one clocks in

as the money is important for survival.

Better to have it than being flat broke.

Despite what those on the outside peeping in may say,

this man right here isn't flipping patties for nothing.

For he longs to return to his life back home,

which ran smooth like molasses

then snapped in half like a pair of glasses.

As the infallible re...

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Gone Till April

Hope I make the most of my gifts. 

I'd be damned if I stayed the same person I was a year ago

Willing to work for mine, fuck a handout.

Whether it be a full-time nine to five or freelance, I'm gunning

for the top where I oughta be.

Not a rapper, just a brother presenting a gift for the world to see

possibly change someone's life.

All I want is for my family and my girlfriend t...

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