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Trevor Alexander on Things I'll Never Tell You (Mon, 12 Dec 2016 01:30 pm)

Things I'll Never Tell You

You're exasperating sometimes. 
You can be obsessive and it can be annoying. 
I sometimes get annoyed at you for no reason.

I get upset when you imply that you don't think you're handsome. 
Because you are. 
Sometimes I worry that you don't really care about me.
That you're only with me to make me feel better. 
Because I've had that before.
Sometimes I think I don't deserve you. 

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Just Because

I went out and bought you cupcakes
Just because
I came over and gave you a hug
Just because

I held you close and kissed your forehead
Just because
I told you that you're beautiful
Just because

I dealt with you and your crazy antics
Just because
I made you laugh when you were sad
Just because

Just because

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