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The Something

There’s a great big Something sitting at my door,

it sits there and watches but no more. 

Somethings are rare and don’t happen very much, 

so of course I’m confused as to what to do with it.

As I look at the Something, it looks back at me

and shows me the wonderful things it could be. 

It shows me what I could have done,

could have been,

could have bought,

could have see...

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The low hum of the washing machine

assaults my ears as I try to sleep.

The rustles and light snores coming from my sister 

makes it even harder. 

I have difficulty trying to sleep, 

but now more than ever. 

Too many demons to run from.

Too much darkness.

Too many imaginary ax murderers that could

jump through my window and kill me. 

So I disappear for a while.


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Take a step.
Where does it take you?
Where can it take you?
Where do you want to go?
How many steps does it take to get there?
It won’t be an easy journey,
For there are many twists and turns.
Forks in the road
And challenges you will face. 
The brave don’t give up. 
You are brave. 
Remember that and take those steps to achieving your dreams.


But how do you know which path to ta...

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I am desparate to escape the cage in which I am imprisoned.

Every day, I scratch a mark on the wall to keep track of how many days had passed. 

I've written my way out of this before, 

but I don't think my words will save me this time. 

The demons keep me in with their cold, clammy hands. 

They put fear in my mind,

despair in my heart, 

all to keep me in my jail. 

I have sc...

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The Stars

Swirls of stars

Soaring high

Flood the night sky

They pass through clouds on their way by

As they leap across space. 


Over the sea,

as they make their way, 

They watch over turtles coming ashore

And dolphins jumping over the waves. 

They see the fish of the deep

And the fish in the shallows. 

The sea slugs and the sea snails. 

The anemones and the coral. 


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I’ve picked up the pieces

of my broken heart so many times

that my fingers have never healed

from the cuts. 

They were destroyed by the jagged shards 

of a broken heart. 

My dream of writing becomes harder and harder 

as again and again, my heart is broken

which makes my hands bleed

as I pick up the pieces 

again and again. 

I hold them close to my chest

as I go...

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When a person thinks of bravery, 

their answers vary on what type of person you’re 

talking to. 

Some may say that bravery is an act 

of heroism. 

Some say it’s courage.

Some say it’s doing what’s right,

even if everyone else will hate them for it. 

Some tell you that bravery is to 

be in the military. 

Some tell you that bravery is being who you are, 

even if soci...

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Imprisoned in My Mind

I stand on the hard, black dirt, 

watching the thick fog swirl around me. 

I hear the voices of my family and friends, 

the meows of my grandma’s cat, long since dead, 

and the barks of the dogs, most of which have passed on. 

I watch the memories unfold,

seeing faces, some of which I haven’t seen in years. 

I smile and laugh at some, 

cry watching some, 

and remember al...

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Too Young

They tell me I’m too young. 

Too young to know

about the horrors of the world.

Too young 

to make decisions of my own. 

Too young 

to be thinking at the level I am. 

Too young 

to hear about politics. 

Too young 

to be worrying about the things I worry about. 

They tell me I have an old soul. 

They tell me I think like a 32 year old. 

They tell me to stop wor...

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