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Hélène on Day 19
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Rhythm of an August Day


Humble humidity 

fills the air

as a song drifts in








a cadence

for the breeze

to flirt with

Spanish moss 

and oak leaves 


A tiny spider 


your skin

as your lover 

across the lawn

shoots you

a wink


A crossbow


in her hand

and you

hear familiar


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Notes in the Margins of a Lover’s Poem

Slightly runny yolks with sizzling edges

Komodo freshly brewed to bold perfection 

Heavenly scents waft through our place 

I oversleep; you don’t judge; instead, you

cook my eggs just the way I like them.

Slow dances in our socks on kitchen tiles

Bike rides under shady oaks for miles

Beach picnics, candlelit and sunset-kissed

The breeze blows out our candles; you try


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I Feel Fall

I'm in love.  

A soft breeze rustles the leaves on the trees just outside my window.  All is silent save the ocean roaring in the distance at a rhythm too lovely for words.  And the wooden clock in the corner holds his pace, savoring this time of night when his tick tick tick is finally heard.  It's dark now, all around, except some photos sliding in and out on my computer screen.  

I feel p...

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