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A Special Place For Us

Here's a special place for us, where we can run and hide

A special talk for special folks 

who try to find what rhymes!


In this special place there is a lot of room for love

and spacious exploration to be free, to be enough.


Well-designed, not too confined 

we find ourselves at home.

To be okay, to be and stay,

and safe securely roam.


I need a special plac...

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A Special Place For Us

The Best In Store

There is good in us

even in me


According to A.I.



The news is too negative, for sure

And I make mistakes, for sure


I made mistakes and I can't take it back

I've made mistakes and I can't take it back


But if this is The Human Condition

Then I'll try to be in better shape


I don't mind our lies anymore

This is the best we have in store


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The Best In Store

Poor Spy

Poor spy, did they really tell you why?

Why you always have to lie

and the rest don't even try!


Poor spy, you who always have to flee;

Do you have security

or your parents, guarantee?


Poor spy, you who crave a normal life

with a husband or a wife

will you find it without strife?


Poor spy, at the mercy of the War

and the worst of all by far

are the th...

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Poor Spy

I thought about your art

I thought about your art:

How you craft with sheer precision

and express your inner vision

I thought about your heart


I thought about your art

Would it match your offline presence

Could it capture our essence?

I thought about your heart


I thought about your art

if it beats anew creation

then you'll be my only nation

I thought about your heart

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I thought about your art

Can we

Can we be one for once?

For humans have always won


Can we be done for once?

With all the wrong we've done


Can we be gone for once?

And leave it all behind


Can we be us for once?

Can we, please?

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Can we

I Saw Your Sun

I saw your Sun come out

and Her Lovers took you dancing;

Steady Swirlfest, life of the party with the battle scars ;)

and our Bored Out Oilfields... our bored out oilfields.....................................


I saw your Sun Shine

and in one Great Blaze

she drenched herself in your Fatty Acids

with nothing left but JEALOUSY


I saw your Sun

and the Moon licking y...

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I Saw Your Sun


I unawoke today, quite harshly

The sweet melodies & lyrics came crashing down

for the first time, in a long long time.


I don't aspire anymore. You can be, the

Better Version of me. 


You can be me, all that I am. You can be me

all that I am.


Today I unawoke from my Dream,

yet tomorrow another Poem. 



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Community Video Call

Dear Write Out Loud bloggers,


fellow member Manish and I (Kevin), thought it be good to have a Video Call with the community.

I thought it be nice to get to know each other better. 


I kindly asked our friendly moderator Graham Sherwood for options. He kindly replied that we poets could organise this ourselves. And therefore I'm posting it now!


If you are interested, plea...

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Community Video Call

Alive Again

Once again I feel reborn!

That's just a coup d'état,

a lover in a spa.


O many mundane midnights

have I slept across these turfs

and finally it's crept up;

I'll rise the tide that surfs!


This sickly soul of Ether,

This madness of Mundane...

These Miracles of Mirrors,

And YOU shall be profane!

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Alive Again

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