Longlisted Entries

Stephen W Atkinson: The thief of breath and hugs
Peggy Bain: Quiet days
Ruth Beddow: Heatwave
Alison Blair: Blue dusk
Helen Boden: Distancing
Belinda Bradley: Mother’s Day in the Time of the Coronavirus
Carole Bromley: Archive, Review of 2020
Sue Burge: With Love From Lockdown
Sandra Burnett: Disturbance in the night
Diana Cant: All This, Blue
Maria Castro Dominguez: Feeding Magic To The Lockdown Child
Gaia Clark Nevola: The metamorphosis of demarcation
A C Clarke: Flowering Cherry Spring 2020
Isobel Clarke: The Year That Never Was
Rachael Clyne: The Book Of Covid
Lucy Cowles-Brooks: Home Sweet Home
Janet Critchley: No Goodbyes
Ralph Dartford: Waiting for Geraniums
Sarah Davies: Artist
Olga Dermott-Bond: Working from home
Lucy Dixcart: When Lockdown Begins
Ken Evans: A New Finisterre, Haikus For A Silent World, Lifting Up
Mag Feeney: All that he is
Mark Fiddes: Rite of Spring, When I Get Back
Suzanna Fitzpatrick: May
Darcey May Gillham: distance
Wendy Goulstone: Lockdown Guilthink
Bex Hainsworth: Hamster, Quarantining
Oz Hardwick: Manifesto, The Prize
Carol Harte: Shrinks
Chris Heath: A State-Approved Morning Walk
Jonathan Humble: Sitting in a Semi
Annette Iles: Bridal
Sarah James: The Cat Café
Alex Josephy: Out of the Box
Kate Karko: International Call 22.3.20 Duration 55:03
Helen Kembery: Letter from Earth
Jeff Kemp: Faith and Hope
Nicky Kippax: Leaven
Wendy Klein: The Latin for Pigeon
Sue Lewis: Revival
Marilyn Longstaff: Visiting Mum At Christmas
Mervo Lyn: Artless
Claire Lynn: Passing
Mandy Macdonald: Birthday Party, Downward
Beth McDonough: The Privilege of Space
Nicholas McGaughey: Buying a Camper
Isabella Mead: Lockdown Dawn, Vines
Julie Meredith: Key Walking
K M Miller: Unseen
Jenny Mitchell: Caribbean Service
Mogs: Lockdown Haircut
Robert Nesbitt: Accented Cushions
Mary-Clare Newsham: Sonnet 357
Jilly O'Brien: Love and laundry
Liam Osaneo: One
Matthew Page: Laocoön and His Sons
Ilse Pedler: All the Empty Pubs
Jacqueline Pemberton: I need a hug
Oshadha Perera: Unseen
Camille Poole: Nature Valley Granola Bars
Martha Quirke: First Day of Summer
Jacqui Rowe: The Final Sentence
Tom Sackey-Ambler: Pressure Washer
Abhilipsa Sahoo: Spring in the Pandemic
Sarah Salway: Social distance
C M Strong: Mourning Cloaks
Richelle Sushil: I can smell the soap
Ruth Taaffe: Earth Shakes Out a Brown Hawk Owl, Sticky Patch
Patrick Taylor: Wheathampstead, VE Day 75
Sian Thomas: One Piece Missing From The Edge
Lucy Wadham: Lockdown Nightingale, Mother-In-Law
Brian Wake: Exaggerate
June Wentland: Learning Birds by Heart
Kathryn Wharton: Daily exercise in Roberts Park
Jay Whittaker: Laptop As Hagioscope
Richard Whiting: Finlay
Hamish Wilson: Tuesday, 21st April, 2020
Michele Witthaus: Retirement Planning
Anna Woodford: 2020
Kate Young: #birdstakeovertheworld, The Easing.

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