I will meet you yet again

I will meet you yet again

Where and how I know not


Perhaps in the figment of your imagination 

Cause you to remember me


Perhaps be the contours of the dough you bake 

Silently watch you as you shape it's course.


Perhaps be the pin that holds your hair bun

Make you restless enough to fiddle them lose.


Perhaps be the jar of gummy bear

Smile as you savor them with a glee. 


Perhaps be the vase of beautiful flowers 

Bring freshness & fragrance to your day.


Perhaps be a cause of diversity dear to you

Admire you working selflessly for it


I am everywhere enriching your life

Yet I am nowhere to be found


For I like you so much

I chose a path not to hurt you.


I will meet you yet again though

Where and how I know not

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kealan coady

Sat 13th Apr 2019 18:57

Absolutely beautiful piece of writing 😍

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