Her ageing hair was swept back to be tied too tightly together
Controlled and combed but not tamed by anyone 
Other hairs on the frizzy jacket from her canine family friends
Nothing flaunted is all so much more, so sensually more

Her prim proper dress hides what I already know
Soft blonde skin scented with a familiar smell
That now roams around the air I breathe back in
Seduction of the senses that weakened me once again

The perfection of memories calling me back to then 
Asking me to consider the what if only life to be 
Change of plan ahead is why she haunts my mind
Fading blue in those eyes that seem to cry over kindness

Time and luck have left me lost in this guilt and desire 
She is hurting inside I know from those fading eyes
Companionship is all this women needs to find
Brave faced and new boots laced but hidden sollemn sensual signs 

I know her home is were the true tender thoughts lie 
Her primrose scent masking the mess of many months
Piling high across all those stinking surfaces no longer cleaned
The grim grime of the troddened mind left to rot in that home

Each other day, a harsh repeating of the dog's magical friend
Driving in the battered clattering white van again
Muck on rust, that van has all that simple love inside
Many eyes awaiting the freedom of a city park life

Her friends will be waiting loyal at the door for the keys to turn
Just sat there until she returns to their faithful love
Pots and plates so soiled can wait for another day 
A mother in soul, with lost lovers no longer in drunken tow 

◄ The candles burn


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Nicola Beckett

Sat 6th Jun 2020 22:40

A very good poem A.C

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Martin Elder

Sat 30th Mar 2019 22:26

When I read this Andy I can hear your voice In my head because I am so used to the rhythm of your speaking voice. It is also nice the read it
Nice one mate

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AM Cash

Mon 11th Mar 2019 09:17

Thank you for the comments. It means a lot. The two poems The Candles burn and this one are connected... By 30 years. And a life apart.

<Deleted User> (19913)

Mon 11th Mar 2019 06:57

Wonderful AM. Left me wanting more.

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keith jeffries

Sun 10th Mar 2019 21:41

Melancholy, reality, truth and a sense of loss are so pervasive in these words. Beautifully crafted.

Thank you for this,

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Heart of Lead

Sun 10th Mar 2019 21:12

So vivid and beautifully done. The descriptions feel so real in a combination of loss and forever the question of "what if." Truly a real person in detail and feeling. Thank you for sharing.

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AM Cash

Sun 10th Mar 2019 20:56

Same lady as the candles burn... Just 30 years later

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