Strange are the ways to my heart .

I gave nothing yet gave everything. 

I got nothing and yet got everything. 

That yearning to share some moments with you in the pantry. 

Hint of happiness in your face when we chat. 

Bringing joy to you seems to be the only thing in this world. 

That's when I feel  the most happiest person on this planet.


Caring or thinking about you is the natural thing. 

Staying away from you is perhaps prudent. 

I guard the doors to my heart ever so vigilant. 

And yet the fortress chooses to welcome you all the time. 

It wants to unfold and show you those beautiful gardens, 

Where the fondest of my memories reside. 

Yet I keep the doors ever so shut.


Why am I afraid of getting hurt or hurting again. 

Why do I ignore the ocean of kindness in your eyes. 

Why can I not give life another chance. 

Why can’t I get swayed away by what you have to share.


So strange are the ways to my heart...

The Few Regrets of this Beautiful Life ►


Shafeeque Qazi

Tue 13th Nov 2018 17:36

Thanks all for the comments.

Jacee Claire

Tue 13th Nov 2018 10:51

i love the way you write. its a really good poem

Big Sal

Mon 12th Nov 2018 18:28

A single place of happiness could easily outweigh a lifetime of sorrow and dread in another. The joy from a single moment must be reaped whenever the opportunity arises, otherwise we are at risk of becoming one of those that does not notice beauty in the little things.👍

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M.C. Newberry

Mon 12th Nov 2018 17:05

The theme is treated with its own rewarding tenderness.
The ways of human emotion are perplexing to their owners
as they might be to their intended recipients. Uncertainty
and regret are the burdens we bear in life, too often met
and often too pervasive to overcome.

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Martin Elder

Mon 12th Nov 2018 08:17

There are some beautifully crafted lines here to draw the reader along. I love the moment of doubt with staying away might be prudent

Nice one

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