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Zach Slater

Updated: Fri, 6 Jan 2017 03:12 pm

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Actor/Poet/Comedy Writer/Director Proud Mancunian, lover of gameshows and an avid believer in saying what you feel.


I know the light pollutes my mind and extinguishes the sparks inside Yet still i'm drawn a thousand times Each day To search And Find And trawl the tide of pure banality Of inspirations A&E Where the dregs of all humanity Each sit and pitch their bit about how life flies by so quick And single click to show approval of what's deemed to count as wit, Yet really, all that forms and gathers there is a putrid pool of thin, hot air from people who pretend to care but really just hit 'like' and 'share'. So, to purge myself I must, Restart Reboot Sit back, Adjust. Remember, light comes from above. Happiness, through love. So why not take a stand and use our hands to reconnect with our fellow man? And then! We may just stand a chance of having communities and street parties! Conversations, with fucking eye contact! Remember eye contact?

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