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Title :- The girl of my dreams!! In my dreams she visits daily.. With a smile on her face so lovely She greets me up in the morning.. Oh! The look in her eyes, so revealing.. The way she looks at me is wonderful, Who would dare to lose her, a fool!! She never needed words to say I mean a lot She never said that she longs & waits to talk But there was something which gave me a thought.. She never expressed her desires And I tried to built an empire... An empire of my dreams to be with her.. Since the day, in reality she turned!! But now it seems that she is lost.. And now it seems that she forgot.. Forgot the way she can return to me For I'm still here, where else would I be??!! I call & shout & scream & cry.. Till my voice and both eyes dry!! But it seems she is too far to listen And my will is also love-driven!! Coz now she turned into a dream again.. My life stuck where it begin!! To God I pray, make her hear.. My silent screams and tears!! For I miss her a lot like hell.. With a hope, "all well when end's well"...!!!!

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