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I always used to think of myself as an extrovert but realized recently that few things could be further from the truth about who I am. Peer pressure, soliciting me to follow suit with the extroverted ideal of the west, had blinded me to a key aspect of my temperament. For the longest time I considered the love of solitude a weakness. I saw it a shameful thing that only the socially inept found refuge in. But when I reached an unbearable level of social exhaustion and deteriorating mental health, I knew there was something missing. I came across a book on the introverted temperament and as I read about its dynamics quickly realized I fit the bill: I contemplate more than I act, weigh my decisions carefully, shut down when overstimulated, and react profoundly to ostensibly irrelevant stimuli-all trails of the introvert. This personal discovery has largely enriched my way of life and creative capacity. I have available now more that ever the psychic energy required for abstract thought because I understand to a greater extent the way my mind works and what its needs are. The subjects of my poems touch on sociology, philosophy, theology, and romance. I by no means consider myself an experienced poet, but take joy in the fact that I reject the desire for prestige as a motivating factor and write simply because of how enjoyable it is.


My soul trembles in your silence Like passengers trekking a rough road. I'd hoped to delve your hidden climate Like travelers with no trail-heads. Daunting thickness met me and Left me to my own devices. Suffice it to say, My machete fell short. With more fear than I care to admit, I retracted my rash expedition. Retreating to the mesa, I reveled in its vast expanse And glorious solitude.

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