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Reading and writing poetry are great escapes for me. I thought it would be nice to share some of my work.


The Saga of My Heart, Cwen of Álfheimr The Warlord Thor, so tells folklore, from Asgard cast an apple core, And field turned weald, an orchard wood, where giant rune futhark stood. There curling purls of magick swirl, cause mystic things around unfurl. Then twigs twined drey in branches spray, all lacing through with bryony, Whence out she sprout, from witch's broom! A girl to shame the Apple bloom. Yet trees they bloomed, to honour her, bejewelled with dew, and fruit they bore. When Odin saw her majesty, his smiled endowed eternity. And so this soul, this Saga told, ‘came Thane of youth and beauty bold. In time she sat, the Álfar's Queen, on golden thrown, in orchard green. An arcane grove, where faeries throve, amongst the cast of seiðr wove. There åkerö grow, in magick flow, eternal youth their galdr 'stow. Infused and laced, with honey taste, urge times retreat, and years erase. And so they came, God’s, and Thanes, Earls and Lords, of lands ordained. Beseeching humble apple orbs, for youth and vigour, their flesh restore. Spite fealty, and courtesy, her heart was hollow, sad, and fey. Adjourned she sat by Vidostern, and longed for love, and friendship yearned Enclosed in tomb of gloomy brume, under Máni's mournful moon, She dropped her sword into the fiord, resigned her fate to Thor her Lord, Whence through the greys of icing haze, her shape in sadness filled my gaze. One look at her, then under spell, and hopelessly to love I fell, The gods obeyed, favour paid, with keenest bolt my heart was staved. Under sprawl of Odin’s hall, where covenant, and call befall. To wed we Thanes, exalted, reign. She my heart, and I her swain. As heavens gardens thrive with love, alive in echoes find our wood. There bluebells nod upon the knoll, and glistened river dances full Flora’s perfumes share the air, with avine arias, gay, and rare. Bright our light is brilliance, chasing colours eloquence. Come all thee! Come and see! Love our Queen, and join with me.

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

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