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Tracey Currall

Updated: Tue, 25 Sep 2007 06:43 am

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Hi I am a teacher of Creative Writing and Basic Skills, a personal tutor in the local area, a former Royal Marine, I have drawn on my experiences during the Falklands Conflict 25 years ago for my latest collection, entitled; This Panopticon Life. An eclectic mix of styles examining issues surrounding PTSD, and other such. I hope to quit work soon and become a fulltime writer, I live in Skelmersdale, Lancs, with my ever-suffering and five grown-up children + four grandchilden. Hope to have a website up and runing soon.


Body Bags lead-lined bags in a steel shell contain the ruins of boys steel-tined tags in brass shells contain the boy’s ruin brass and lead filled mags steel Argentine boys ruined by containers mined grass sags as skin containers steal to lead other boy’s ruin stealing dog tags ruined my mind burying lead-lined bags Elegy for Mac MacAndrews I still have the grip you made me twenty-five years ago before we made the trip the jolly jaunt of Margaret Thatcher's ego The pride of our generation, young men ready for the fight ready to earn our nation's veneration to lead the Argies to the light. How different would things be now, right girlfriend to marry, child to raise, a life to live in all its phases, people to see, things to do, dogs to bite Instead blink Nothing His Tory You decided the battleground deliberately the right to self-determination the excuse Thatcher, Thatcher Milk Snatcher needed to induce children, transported to killing fields from Torquay. Not even poetry could prepare me for the rapid rattle of FN rifle fire. The bodies torn apart, of boys from Lancashire the drunken violence toward other people’s mediocrity. But, you have made me a better man; I have wrapped my children in shells, conches for the future. They won’t need to take Diazapan to share mine and other’s personal hells they’ll have another, kinder thread, not suture. No need to fear the rupture of an internal organ Like a friend I had, a lad from Glamorgan.

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Patricio LG

Sun 25th Oct 2015 23:03

I cannot defend any reason why we go to war especially sending young men to death in Argentina, Margaret Thatcher had a lot to answer for the destruction and condition she left this country in the same as Cameron is doing at the moment, however on the face of it just one question - if we had the same choice to face again would we go in to the Falklands and do the same again? Of course we would. The bad state of war is sadly an ultimate draw.

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Tomás Ó Cárthaigh

Fri 30th May 2008 00:33

Ahh, my point... I dont think the Argentine war was worth the pain it caused. Heros like Simon Weston described it perfectly: "I dont decide if its right or wrong, or who has the most claim on the islands... what is important is that the British citizens living there wished to stay British and that is what I faught for"

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Tomás Ó Cárthaigh

Mon 26th May 2008 15:26

The Argentine War was a waste of young mens and womens lives...

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