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Tom George

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Liverpool-based performer Tom George has been delighting audiences for over ten years with performances that often incorporate music and visuals alongside his witty, rhythmic and impassioned poetry. Winner of the Dead Good Poets’ Society slam in 2008, he has also been featured on Channel 4 television and has staged several one-man shows at Liverpool’s Unity theatre. “Tom is a skilled and versatile polymath who impresses over several disciplines. I urge you to catch his next show” – Black and White magazine


Half a smile I used to see you walking ‘round with half a smile so sweet Sneaking out for sunshine or the people in the street A fragmentary glimmer of something hard to find A whisper of a spirit that was generous and kind I used to think that half of it was all I'd ever see Then one day, passing by, you found the other half for me Remember how you wore it when we met up once or twice I wondered if I'd ever see another half as nice A little bird just told me that you've found yourself a man That's groovy but I speculate, I'm sure you'd understand And looking back, I guess I should have known it for a while 'Cos last week, through a window, you gave me half a smile Half a smile to say “I’ve something better on my mind… Half a smile, that's your lot, I've other fish to fry" Half a smile saying more than full ones ever did I really thought I'd left behind play acting like a kid Don’t Ask Me Why Don’t ask me why some people are scared of silence When it’s the very opposite of violence “How do you do?” is a very good thing “See you around” is worth repeating Everything else is just poetic licence Tell me your thoughts, you know that I like conversation But it’s not the be-all and end-all of this situation You shuffle your feet and let out a sigh To fill up the time that crawls slowly by Until you can think of a subject to pontificate on It’s no disrespect, with a friend to neglect talking When all that a leisurely walk requires is walking Put your verbosity onto one side Think how your words would sound mightily wise If you had to choose them as carefully as Stephen Hawking Don’t ask me why some people are scared of silence…

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

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James Wolfe

Tue 11th May 2010 09:10

Hi Tom, saw you at Come Strut your Stuff last night, thought you were great, really liked your words and style. Thanks, James

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Pete the Temp

Tue 22nd Dec 2009 19:50

Hey Tom, nice poems. Hope to hear you in the flesh some time

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Winston (Admin)

Thu 19th Nov 2009 23:28

Seems you have managed to upload a pic Tom... Was Peter Right? I too had this prob

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Winston (Admin)

Sun 15th Nov 2009 19:49

Welcome aboard Tom. Winston

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