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The Nightengale

Updated: Thu, 7 Feb 2019 02:13 am

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I started writing because I was lonely and felt like I needed an outlet... I have always loved poetry though, and have since been published in a poetry book. My favourite poets are, John Keats, Fanny Brawne, Jean-Antoine Roucher, a little bit of Charles Armitage Brown, W.H. Auden, Andre Chenier, Pablo Neruda, Jack Kerouac, Christina Rossetti, Marvell, Swinburne, Muir, Herrick, Amy Lowell, Anna Akhmatova, Sappho, James Henry Leigh Hunt, Edward John Trelawny, Pierre de Ronsard, Walter Savage Landor, Jean de la Fontaine, Dylan Thomas, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Coventry Patmore, John Donne, Gwendolyn Elizabeth Brooks, Edmund Waller, Izumi Shikibu, Sappho, Pasternak, Frost, Emily Dickinson, Virginia Woolf, Anthony Woodville, Roald Dahl, a lot of French poets, Robert Graves, Alfred, Lord Tennyson, a tad bit of Rupert Brookes and Sylvia Plath, Victor Hugo, Wilfred Owens, both Shelleys, Tagore, Edward Thomas, Siegfried Sassoon, Longfellow, anything by Edgar Allan Poe, Vera Britton, Roland Leighton, Edward Britton, Victor Richardson, Langston Hughes, and Alan Seeger. ~


Icarus Falls ~ For the Innocents ~ Icarus falls, Plummets, Dreams come crashing down, Bury him where he won't be found, And all his love crumbles into dust. Icarus bleeds, Blanketed in feathers and gold, Meantime; Lady Liberties corrupted, bought, and sold, No place for innocence, Those searching for a home, Can't be a child, You've got to grow. Now some will lie in body bags and be forever called unknown.

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