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The Devils Den

Dropping the flowers, You got no power, And now you are Devoured, To a fate worse than that of a coward. Hey, Stay quiet they say, Let it happen and remain at bay. "You are worth not a pebble, don't act to feeble." The time will come, When you are free from these shackles, The time will come, When you will not be looked upon as a tackle. Remain fed up, Try till you cry your eyes dry, Cause you got no other way. You tried, You won, But don't let this be a one and done. Learn from it, Otherwise, you might never find that bit. Don't bother others, They will think of you as just another. Keep fighting till you can't be beaten, When you are beaten, Don't fall for the trickery of a heathen. I end this by saying "You will win", But remain patient and don't be mean.

Focal Imprisonment

Stay in Azkaban, You can't really get out of it, Unless you cram. Many hopeless wonders might work, They might call it berserk. Such a small cell you have there, Might be your own Mayor. How can you not mind, When other people are blind. Blind to your true self, While they think of you as somebody from the shelf. Disposable? I don't think so. Implausible? Don't care what they think, Just go. Live your life while you can, Don't go to your deathbed just the same. As miserable as your life might have been, Get Up and be as promising as they might not have think.

A Dream Come True

Sitting here, Doing nothing, But feeling like i have done something. That feeling is something inexpressible, and Yet here i am, trying to not get of this impressive hole. How can someone not like, The dizziness  which comes, When you ride a Bike. It is just a wonderful feeling, It makes you feel like you'll be never kneeling. Sun shining, And we are out here dining, But let's not pretend we are not smiling, Cause pretentiousness is not a necessity, Cause mate, we can laugh with audacity. What a feeling it is to be Alive, When you can get into the most fun dive.

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