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Isn't it bizarre? That it's possible to know what you want But not what you are dubito ergo sum my brilliant metric schemes are overlooked :(

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IN THE SAME WAY In the same way That falling is not flying Life is not living-- It is dying GOING You are going soon Going far away Your bags are in the car Your plane leaves at dawn But you tell me 'don't be sad' You are still here today And that's the thing about going-- It means you're not yet gone I LOVE THE SOUND I love the sound of falling rain Upon my bedroom windowpane DRINKING IN OCTOBER It occurred to me While I was drinking one night in October-- Sometimes I am happy And sometimes I am sober

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Graham Sherwood

Sun 11th Apr 2021 10:59


I've enjoyed your blog entries immensely. You may have noticed that only the most recent one is still shown in its entirety in the blog section, the others having been archived for one month underneath it. After that they are permanently archived under your profile and the monthly listing. In order to garner more views it is best to space out ones output to give other readers more chance to see your work. I hope this is useful.

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