An Aries with mind full of imaginary world with beautiful words to write.

Under A Shady Tree

My shadow goes on forgetting me behind you, I am not myself since I saw you, I understand nothing else in this world like a love, Where is my heart now? I hope it reach you safely. In a garden, I saw my soul before my eyes, My love, just because of you, I started having hopes in tomorrow, You made me think of you every beat of my heart, You made me have a goosebumps often, The first look will live on forever, In my heart, it will live on for you. My heart isn't beating normally, This hasn't happened to me ever before, The changes I am going through, All are given by you since I saw you, Under the shady tree.

An unspoken words to My Soul.

To the soul in me, You are the ray of sunlight for me, But how do you do it? I wondered. Peace has lost it's way into me, But you are still shining in the sorrows, At times, I feel your beautiful smiles within me. If the world is listening, it might quit from rotating, If the tears are words, A 365 pages of book aren't enough, Yet you stayed and build a garden of hope in me. Even when my shadow left, I felt the boost in my inner self, Was that a sign to tell me that you are there? I broke my heart each time to safe you, But you took them all and healed my heart, Have your scars healed ? The unseen guest of my life, You have been the unheard voice of mine, Was that you saying 'Go forward strongly',? To my inner stars, I am forever grateful for your presence in me, In your lights, I will keep glowing! Note : Shine beautifully alone, It is your independent soul that has set you on fire! Trust it and keep going forward.

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