At 51 years old I am proud to be known as a Wife, Mother and Grandmother. I was brought upon the outskirts of Manchester England and for the past twenty years I have worked as a teaching assistant in a local primary school. However my real passion for the past 5 years in writing poetry and short stories. I have published many poems in anthologies, published my first poetry book in July 2015 entitled ‘I See Rainbows.’ and my second poetry compilation ‘Tears In May’ In May 2017. My first children’s book ‘The Elf That Came To Visit’ was published in December 2016. Illustrated beautifully by Faith Nelson. Although all three books have been successful and I am working on other publications, I still produce poetry with a view to providing that personal touch for weddings, funerals and celebrations. ‘Susan Worrall The Inspired Word’ can be found on Facebook under the same title and also on Youtube, Fandalism and Soundcloud where you can find many pieces put to music and in some cases video, narrated by my good friend and ‘Partner in Rhyme’ Alan S Johnson. In October/November this year I intend to release my second children’s story book ‘In The Light Of The Moon’


I Heard That I May Visit I heard somewhere that I may visit Visit you in heaven It was a dream I think a time beyond An hour much after seven I asked if I could visit an answer waiting still Time said was different now so wait I find I will. A sweet aroma filled the room A smell of memories past Could this be an answer That’s sent to me at last A sudden sense of a life long gone Stirs inside my heart A feeling lost for all those years That we’ve been apart A warm breeze surrounded me A blissful sense of calm And from a haze I saw you there, no feeling nor alarm I asked if you would speak to me You smiled as I had known This visit that you give to me From heaven I have loan. Questions and emotions filling up my head No spoken words were needed Although so much was said You beckoned me to follow you A wondrous sight to show Heaven in its glory Before you need to go If only we could visit And sit with for a while All the people that we’ve lost And look upon their smiles If only we could once again Share the love we had To fill the hole within our hearts No longer feeling sad I asked if I could visit an answer waiting still Time said was different now so wait I find I will. copywritten@susanworrall/2014 Angel On My Shoulder I felt a gentle tapping I turned, what did I see An Angel on my shoulder Looking back at me I looked at him in wonder As he sat there on my bed He looked deep into my eyes And without a voice he said I’ve come to bring a message From the spirits up above Whose noticed that your struggling And want to send their love Your loved ones are still around Although you cannot see Walking by you hand in hand Wherever you may be So when your feeling lonely They’re sending down below An Angel on your shoulder Comfort to bestow copywritten@susanworrall/2014 Writing On The Wall I recognize that twinkle Shining in your eyes I know that in your innocence You’re the devil in disguise I see the mischief in your smile The writing on the wall The pen marks on your fingers The mandatory scrawl The cries of I didn’t do it It really wasn’t me As you close in for a cuddle And climb upon my knee My mood begins to melt My guard now on the floor How can I stay angry With this child that I adore I look around my living room The belongings that I have Nothing can compare To this little child I love I get a cloth and bucket Wash it all away Smiling at the mischief Of my little child at play copywritten@susanworrall/2015

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