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Suban Limboo

Updated: Wed, 22 Aug 2018 08:05 am

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Hello! Suban here from Indian states of Sikkim.In my leisure time i like playing football and writing poems. And below here is one of my wild poem about Love. Enjoy.


FINDING LOVE Long years back in my SLC, I fell in love. Written her name in my pillow, In a hope to see her in dream, But as I went to high school, Far away from my place, I didn't get to know when i forget her, and then I realized, She was just my dream girl. And then, High school, New school, New faces. Beautiful butterflies all around, Suddenly my eyes struck at one, And,.... Kept her name reversely, as my gmail password. Once I helped in her assignment, Forcefully from friends, I too write a love letter to her, But friendship was a gift for me. And here I was little closer, But it was all over, As I went to college. Bird watching became our daily routine. Ratings, likes and comments, were automically uttered. But as I was of a simple heart, My heart struck at one simple bird. Chatted with her like non before, And nor in the future too. My likes in her every picture, Along with classy cool comments, Infact, she was my Facebook queen. I lived so much moments and memories, But all in the illusion and dreams. And it was till my IInd year, As I came to know her hero. And,... now I'm tired...... So much responsibilities on my head, About to finish college. Seek job or study further..?? A big debate in my mind. Now no place for a girlllllllllll......., in my weak and wandering mind. After few months, with a deep thinking, I concluded, they are all one sided. Till now, I was lookin' for a girl As I like, and lost all the time. Now I planned to look for a girl, Who loves me, and gonna give my all. Fortunately....... Yeah Fortunately, A good girl from my class, Simple, short-slim and sweet, A killer smile with cute eyes, Came wandering at my half-heart. And then............ When my dreams turned into reality..?? When I found Love..?? I didn't get to know. And................................................

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