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Starfish Nova

Updated: Thu, 15 Sep 2016 08:02 pm

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Hello I am ashley I was advised to publish my writings so that I may help others heal and not feel so alone my writing helps me get my pain out and heal I am on a spiritual journey to find myself and heal deep scars I am learning to forgive others and myself my life hasn't been easy or simple I have a hard time accepting love from others as well as myself I am learning not everyone is out to hurt me some are out just to love me I am a twin flame I was advised by my guides to publish my poems to the public as part of my journey my twin and I are separated right now so most of my things will be about our journey back to Union right now my main focus is on myself loving myself living in hopes he comes home because waiting leads to more waiting so I am living and loving myself and him from afar I would rather be alone living then to love another he is my person i love him unconditionally I am happy for once in my life starting to see the bright side of life I am embracing it and letting it embrace me I know my journey here is to spread love and happiness and live wholeheartedly life's short so laugh play let your inner child run wild meditate if your unhappy relocate to a place you are happy love it's a powerful thing it's unstoppable undeniable and incredible once you allow yourself to do so the possibilities are endless once you let go and find your inner peace and harmony the universe opens doors you never imagined so go live love spread joy and journey on i love you my beloved twin may we be together again


The Saddest Oak Tree              Written by Starfish Nova The forest know all about pains You wouldn't know for all the trees It happens every time the seasons change The bitterness from the cold changes the leaves You might think your out of the woods It's just another set back to come It's just the weather up to no good The trees always know what is about to run Every thing seems calm  right now Things in the trees life can't be helped The wind of a storm can make it bend and bow The trees  pain can be seen but not felt The tree falls and hits the ground Animals flee run and hide You might think since Noone hears it makes no sound The forest waits out the storms ride Depression  is like a tree in the wood It comes on like a raging storm It effect every single moods Tears fall down your face in sworms It's like a falling tree in the forest Even though you can't see it it can be felt It effects everyone  you hold dearest The pain is far to much to be delt It suck the hope out of a life Just like a tornado  takes its aim It cuts through family's like a knife It cuts people down without shame It just takes a season change To give a person and forest some hope Spring and summer  come to rearrange  And you finally  put up  a tire swing rope Children run laughing through the forest once more It's time to face the fact of the trees But depression  comes back to close the door Just like the forst in the fall everybody leaves    

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Emer Ni Chorra

Thu 8th Sep 2016 11:35

You are very welcome sweetheart and thank you for stopping by ? Emer

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