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Updated: Tue, 25 Oct 2011 11:48 am

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One day we'll all be off and fingers crossed some of this will be left for future hoons and loons to chunter on about. if not it was all fun to dance to at the time.


I met with a man who washed my ears and shook my thoughts awake again. With utter sincerity, verbose wit with clarity he told me some things I just didn't know. Now don't get me wrong I do my utmost not to assume that I do, there are times when I have I've fallen foul of myself and let common sense and courtesy fall through; but this chap was rapier like, rare like a tapier like, with answers to everything in verse, He wasn't pretentious, far from it, contentious, maybe, but cleverly sharp informatively would lark in rhythmic flowing lyrical knowing breathlessly going with a smooth voice whose dynamic tones stoned my impatience and internal wittering dead and bested, dead interested hooked and booked for each and every subsequent and forthcoming line each time digging me deeper the challenge being steeper with each question I wanted to answer but already an answer coming I couldn't imagine, and still keeping me reeling with facts and feeling that my own utterings were mere whispers now, an inspiration for me to do more to construct and add worth to my own attempts shedding light on how words are more than just a colourful spluttering delighting my ears, they're the tools to inform and so here... I shall now try to find something of import to life around me to share and to see to explore for my own benefit and maybe then to fit for another to re-word, so re-heard like a paraphrased cover of a classic hit that finds place again and again in new ears over successive years to cheers of younger minds in different times gathering the same meaning in a palette of their own style and taste so the development of ideas never goes to waste and maybe just maybe I can eventually be a useful tool and not fool myself by just toying with timing and with bad efforts at getting things to rhyme in my thin and lacking lines. No. A ring of tuned tines harmonic and resonant that's what I'll aim for now here will be a change to mark me due to a man I met who washed my ears, shook my thoughts awake again, inspired a tired and listless fighting fistless entirely witlessly untwistless storytelling charlatan fool returned with zeal to school.

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<Deleted User> (7075)

Tue 25th Oct 2011 21:55

Hi There Welcome to WOL. Winston

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