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Sian Bird

Updated: Sat, 21 May 2016 06:51 pm

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Name: Sian Age: 22 From: Leicester, uk I have been writing poems since I was around 8years old. As I suffer from mental illness I find writing really helps me to channel my emotions, in a non distructive way, which is somthing I otherwise struggle with.


"Get dressed and go outside" These words make me want to run and hide Even if I am surrounded I still feel alone Trapped in my mind my solitary zone Where hope and aspirations never seem to last They fade sometimes slow but sometimes so fast Now unable to see fact from fiction The future is just an optimists prediction Don't ever think that I am not trying Don't think I am weak if I radomly start crying Just because I was okay yesterday It doesn't mean I am okay today Nothing has to have happened so don't question me about it Just know I don't want to be like this one bit Hearing people laughing and plotting about me Seeing things that others don't see "Get dressed and go outside" Please understand why I run and hide. ........................................................ It's hard to know who you can trust When dishonesty is all you have known A liars eyes as cold as ice Their heart as hard as stone. Sometimes it's people that you love Somethimes people that say they love you Sometimes they tell you its all your fault Most of the time that is not true. You may not ever get admittance Or a quick fix for the pain You may try to forgive and forget But it will be hard to trust again.

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Phillip Kelly

Thu 5th May 2016 08:43

id love to write a poem together with you......shared collaborative poetry

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Phillip Kelly

Thu 5th May 2016 08:42

i love this poem and relate to it......this how i felt as the rhythm and rhyme.....the. themes ...ideas.....emotions are effectively portrayed and conveyed....

constructive criticism....rewrite....edit these 2 lines because rhythm and effect lost a little:

"Nothing has to have happened so don't question me about it
Just know I don't want to be like this one bit"

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Tommy Carroll

Tue 3rd May 2016 15:46

I think that the country are with you on that one Sian. ;-))

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Tommy Carroll

Sun 1st May 2016 10:05

Big big day for the Foxes! Sian you will HAVE to write a piece about today. Every football supporter in the land and beyond will be cheering you on. What an amazing event in prospect. Come on you Foxes!! Tommy

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Tommy Carroll

Fri 29th Apr 2016 02:09

Sian, I, along with millions of other football supporters of various teams, welcome this transformation of Leicester without vast sums of capital who have enthralled a nation. Tommy :~)

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Tommy Carroll

Thu 28th Apr 2016 18:34

Come on you Foxes! ;~) Tommy

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