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Shrawani Sen

Updated: Tue, 12 May 2020 11:57 am

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Educator by day,poetess at all other times. Driven by my thoughts, words pour out and form entities of their own..I contribute in bringing them to life..


Distances are like a mirage.. It could cover seven seas.. Yet when you want to be seconds are less... Memories bind you.. With the little things around.. When a thought of you crosses my mind..I know you can feel it too.. It could be a familiar could be a phrase we shared... it could be that tshirt chosen together..or it could be story behind it... Every little thing finds a special name... So distances of heart can forever be overcome as long as they beat for each other.. At times I wish,time would let me pass through its folds... Let me touch you in person as I forever touch you in soul.. Just a little longer.. Just a little harder.. Just a little closer.. Time cannot do that so what it does instead is wraps me up.. Takes me away to a dreamworld of what was and what can be... There nothing is impossible.. I can walk with you to Skye.. I could ride away in the carasouel... I can hear you sing... Or let you cook... Smile a hundred smiles... Cry a thousand tears... Distances then just become mirages.. Because what is bound by heart and soul is a bond infinite... Its winds in each other...binds in each other... Time and beyond..

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