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Shiloh Dupreez

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I'm a 15 year old girl from South Africa. I have a great love for the wonders of poetry and write some pieces myself. Though I'm not the best writer, I still find it to be a great hobby and a passion.


Poetry samples : Blood In the eyes of those who are filled with positivity, a meaning to blood is life itself. The substance runs through their veins like a waterfall bringing life, for without it they have no joy But for those who are filled with negative feelings, blood symbolizes tragedy, pain and a way to escape. For the pink cuts on their arms were once dripping with the red substance. For them a life with no blood will bring them joy as the life wisps away from their eyes. Best liars There's no doubt that eyes are the best liars. One will never truly know what they've seen or experienced, or know what they are hiding. Eyes are good at playing make-believe. For the emotions that lie behind them are much darker than what they seem. Body Image I stare in the mirror regretting I ever did. I hate this place I'm trapped in. It doesn't feel like a body but more like a cage. I wish I could lose this gain. My mind wishes to be a skeleton, collarbone visible, ribs peaking through thin skin. But my heart pleads to stop this game. It screams I am beautiful even with this weight. My heart wants to learn to love, for weight doesn't determine who you are.

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