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Shaun Bond

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i love writing poems and performing them. Love diving deep into literature and finding secret meanings


Lately Lately, I've been reminded, they say that time's of the essence You pulled me deep from the trenches I guess we're here for confessions And lately, I've been reminded that love is patient and blind I could write a million lines and never find the words to define us I know it's best not to rush I know you're unsure of you're worth, I know how deep that can cut He broke you down, so you don't feel much, there's forty-thousand strings Holding back our past precaution, not often I let you in It's not often you let me in, I get it, I mean why would you to Take a chance on me then? I get it, I mean why should you? 'Cause me, I'm just a waiter with lucid dreams of the music And you, you could find any guy, open mind in a student I say it, in case we lose it, I hope that that never happens I know our love runs deeper than just lust and attraction I guess it's all the little things lately that make me think I remember nights by the beach and us laughin' 'til we can't breathe Or that CVS down the street, I don't know if you would agree Lately, I've been reminded that love is all that is timeless The pain you paint on your face, I see strength behind both your eyelids And lately I've been reminded, I'm flawed, and nobody's perfect The distance isn't easy, but nothin' is when it's worth it I'm workin' to bring you all then I sense the weight that you carry I wish you would let it all out and trust me, because I can't see I wish you wouldn't compare me, he loved you without your clothes But no, he's never seen you naked, never seen into your soul And I love the way I see your mind wander when I get deep with you I wonder why you cry when I tell you that I believe in you I wish that I could take away the pain of how he treated you My favorite nights were nights when it felt like it was just me and you Damn, and if you ever cannot stand me I hope that I made an impact and showed your heart what love can be Envision us with a family, envision us where it's sandy I feel you bringin' me closer, you're in love with lovin' what can be I know... 1944 It’s June 6th 1944 For 5 years the whole worlds been at war The Nazi army wants to conquer us all. But resilience is strong, we will not fall. With our Brains and our soldiers, wills made of steel No fight is too tough, no Nazi hard to kill. Today is the day liberation starts We’ll take back Europe like we take these scars. Welcome to D-Day landing on the beaches Bullets whizzing by your friends they are now corpses. You gotta rush past the shore, take cover at the heel Throw grenades in the bunkers hear them squeal. This was never meant to be an easy feat And our loses taken seem more like a defeat But their is more reinforcements at the door So answer the call of duty and taste the war. Sound of the MG thumping like a Dre beat But I’m gonna make it stop by sniping the gunner team I got a Springfield M1903 My aim is true where was faze in the forty’s They would of scoped every Nazi hiding on the spot Then get captured because they missed every shot But don’t have no fear the rangers are here With the Thompson's and M1’s they’ll make it clear As I run with my Sten, Head on, into them I lay down my enemies, they are now dead men Them only four more, till I get the king prize draw The allure of having more soldiers to do your chores Its a super duper paratroopers Shooting up the Nazis like some

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