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I am Sharliemarkham, here's a collection of my poetry (Check the right hand side); let me know whatcha think.


Lost: Unhappy, but not sad- Unstable, going mad. Our "small problems", In this big world- Our ignorance is lost! Yet no truths unfurled. Personal hatred, No love lost, "Make me feel better!"- But what is the cost? Do you speak your thoughts, What, and stand alone? This hypocritical world; Worries only for flesh and bone. Better to be lost in darkness, Trailing through the night- Than be the adventurous animal' Staring down headlights. Her: Gazing at your face, As I scribble away- Transfixed in place, Ensnared by that we choose not to say. So just smile. Please, just smile. For your entrapping lips are my only get away. Dim Lit Room: Everyday I awake in a dimly lit room, By a tick and tock the darkness looms, There is nothing but an impending door in sight, With a small intricate keyhole; ah, the source of light. Everyday I peer into that keyhole, Unable to focus on the secret it holds, A light so bright it seems to transcend, A truth so strong; the beginning… and the end. I ran my hands over the cold hard door, With an innate desire, a thirst to know more, My hand clasps a warm hourglass, It is a lavish knocker; not a handle to help me pass. The hourglass knocker, the tick and the tock, With every grain of sand that drops, I merrily swing it back and forth, But fearfully I prevent it from hitting the door. Today I made a grand mistake, I allowed the hour glass to hit the door and break, The glass shattered with a concoction of cracks. Abruptly, the room vanished along with the facts. There was an ecstasy of sounds, lights, colours- Vibrations, sensations. No longer were there boundaries. A caged animal no more, No longer blocked from the truths behind the door

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

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Wed 4th Nov 2015 19:05

Hi there,

I really like the poem Dim Lit room: There's a good use of language to portray this feeling that we all have at time to hang onto something that we no longer need and the difficulty to let something go and knowing when to do it. This poem (to me) seems to personify that feeling as I know that feeling too well and that obsession with time - how long do we have and how much have we wasted.

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Wed 28th Oct 2015 09:10

Sharlie thankyou for your comments being 70 my writing keeps my mind active and being very experienced with life's difficulties I feel better writing them down .regards Wendy x

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Luna Love

Tue 24th Mar 2015 22:06

Sharlie I enjoy your writing. For you too have shown Your conscious realm. Peace. Look forward to reading more.


Sun 22nd Mar 2015 10:54

Hi Sharlie, thanks for your kind comment on Borderline, and welcome. I love Dim Lit Room - especially the image of the hour glass breaking, great, looking forward to reading more :)

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Rose Casserley

Thu 19th Mar 2015 21:36

I welcome you Sharlie,with a huge WOW!

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