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I walk the streets The ones filled with pedestrians I join the hustling crowds I join the lines of imaginations. Then my legs carry me to the woods And I am unable to stop them They carry me away from the cities They carry me to where my mind seems to follow them. I see trees and bushes and stones I see frogs and birds and deer My eyes wonder to the skies above My mouth speaks, wondering If anyone is there to hear. I touch the bare, empty wood of a stump It reflects the roughness and exposure of my dead soul My weight Is suddenly placed on its surface And that makes me feel the weight of its hole. I try to enjoy the freedom and tranquility As I remind myself of the good, old days But then I sink into another reality And I find myself in a different part of my life's phase. And so my legs lift my body once again And every step I take, my heart seems to resist But my mind once again, follows its lead To another world, where only loneliness exists. Soon, I find my pace My legs become steady and strong I start moving rather quickly But my mouth Is humming the wrong notes of song. My eyes see the light But my mind claims it';s too strong I'm confused and anxious To go back to home, the place where I belong. So I change directions once again And my first instincts I choose to follow I try to remain calm and oriented While my inner pain I attempt to swallow. When I finally reach the arms of my doorstep I find it to be locked In chains It pretends to hide its obvious guilt But yet I push through despite the rain. I decide to dance and listen to my soul But soon the music becomes slow and suspicious I try to sway along with the beat But somehow I start to become unconscious. Then Night comes and with it comes evil It brings along its men of war It fights my heart and mind And so I collapse from the bullets that hit my core. I try to regain my posture I try to stand up once more I push open new doors of strength That I thought weren't there before. I fill my lungs with the gas of courage I try to Inhale it's magic tricks I try to build my knowledgeable muscles But I'm forced to carry heavy bricks. I start feeling the pain in my back I start feeling the surgeries of my heart And then I start seeing crystals And my eyes turn them into stars. I see people falling from rooftops I see people drowning in the oceans of despair I see others trying to live a different life But somehow hope is lost and no one cares. Then my legs carry me to palaces of gold Where angels reach out and grab my soul I feel secure, I feel loved But somehow I still sink In the hole. It's always when I see the shining sun And I rest under its warm rays of light That I'm reminded of the clouds that are hovering above With a warning to blur my eyesight. And so my legs become too tired of such a long walk And my mouth removes its protective shields And my ears start listening to sounds The sounds of ghosts in dark, empty fields.

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