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Updated: Mon, 21 Jun 2021 10:41 am

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A high school student , A new original writer , Poet ....

The Derelict Burg

The Derelict Burg – S. Axfxyx. S The deep dusk , Into the dreary night ; The fright mighty , The light all gloomy ; Shrilly calls and Shady screams , Enraged by the deadly Squall . The Derelict Burg The dead all lively , Live all cursed ; Cursed the live , For the fate That they beheld ; The derelict burg from The nightmares that numb , Even those bravest hearts , From the deepest parts . The Ostentatious burg They say t’was An ostentatious burg, That stole the hearts , Of every soul that ever, Descried the burg ; Delighting every creature That ever, Had a flash of it . It lived in harmony , With brilliant peace , Enlightening every matter , That came in close proximity ; The lovely life that inhabited , The burg once , Is nothing but , A vicious terror now . My Good Lord bless , Every soul that Tresspasses this burg That was … Once ostentatious And now derelict With nightmares And terrors that numb , Even the bravest hearts , From the deepest parts .

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