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Samantha Bunyan

Updated: Wed, 11 Jul 2018 10:04 am

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Fresh out of university. Majored in psychology and counselling. I have always found release in writting poems wheter short or long, happy or sad. I used to play around with thoughts running through my head and then put pen to paper. Wrote a few pieces in high school; unfortunately i drifted away from my poems and now I want to make a come back. I am usually very private and incredibly shy when it comes to sharing my work, hoping this help me out. I love cat's, painting, singing and sleeping. Poetry and paints are my escape.


The Broken Doll. I'm just a broken doll, Unfortunately, no one can see. I was beaten and battered, But no one could have saved me. It all began when I was alone on the shelf. The cruel world took me and i couldnt cry for help. I sewed my mouth shut and continued to smile. Nobody is coming to help, not for along while. I'm just a broken doll, Now everybody knows. Please forgive me for I do not know how your story goes. I'm sorry, I swear I really tried. I picked up the pieces and tried to hide. Don't be a burden I'd say. Just keep smiling and hope for a better day. I'm worthless; I'm hopeless I'd  say These words echoed through my ears, in every single way. I kept gluing up the cracks, but sadly most of them have come back. I did nothing wrong I'd cry. Now even my tear ducts are dry. I'm so sorry, i dont know what to say. I'm just a broken doll, to see you smile is all I wish for every night and day. Please be kind to everyone you see, and you might be the one to fix their cracks permanently. Samantha Bunyan.

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