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Ruth G

Updated: Fri, 30 Apr 2021 04:13 pm

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I have just started writing poetry again after a gap of 20+ years. I write primarily to process my own thoughts and feelings although I sometimes share my poems with close friends and family. I’ve joined this blog to read other people’s work and to learn more about poetry.


Swinging You’ve always loved to swing. Animated by the stories you tell, That are yours alone. Playing in your head. You outgrew that early one, Designed for childhood Until the joy of swinging wanes As it usually does. We tried to live “swing-less”. But while running and leaping Is some release, It doesn’t give you the rhythmic comfort You need and crave. So this weekend we’ve built a new one. Solid, safe, grounded, A thick wooden frame Ready for a dank English winter You even tightened some of the bolts yourself Now you have what you need again And I will never forget How the smile on your face slowly rose As you christened it You were back in your special place again Ready for more stories Authored by the man you have become

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