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Robert Mackie

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I'm an English born man of Scots and Canadian descent who makes a living as a translator in Japan...


The Unicorn to the Lion By Robert C. Mackie The Lion and the Unicorn once fighting for the Crown, Now, Lion, said the Unicorn, this fighting’s got me down. Please keep your Barnett Formula, and all One Nation Tories, Keep antisocial myopia and national fairy stories. ‘Cos Scotland’s a nation, although you doubt, social justice is its charter, Smith and Hume its philosophers, no need for Magna Carta. I am a nation, no city state, and will no be so taunted, I am your sister, no servant faint, my will shall not be thwarted. So go you meet your destiny, and let me meet my own, But though we go our separate ways, we’ll never be alone. So bless you, sister, take your road, so bless you sister Lion, And don't begrudge my own free will to take the path that's mine. The Lion to the Unicorn By Robert C. Mackie Tut-tut, Unicorn my dear, you do protest too much, Three-hundred years is far too long to now proclaim mismatch. The sacrifices our people make, the treaties that I've altered, All I've done I've done for us, enough my mother’s daughter! You rail at me in all my might, fresh home from foreign slaughter, And now I wish, like Mary o’ Scots, I'd made you ten inches shorter. You see, my dear, though sisters twain, that never were we equal, Our peoples they mean nought to me, their worth is less than beetles. I am the Lion, true predator, no beast from me is safe, And should you seek to part from me, on you I will predate.

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