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Richard Giles

Updated: Thu, 1 Aug 2019 05:00 pm

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Hello, My name is Richard, I am a Educational philosophy Master graduate. I am based in the northwest of the UK, and explores topics surrounding the environment, Philosophy, Masculinity, LGBT+ rights.

The Lake District.

The place of poets Long are the days and nights upon the hills, Shadows in silver slate, dance grey. Notions of lasting rhythm an ode to the mountains, The lakes and the rivers, A daffodils place. To sense Charlottes dream, to learn as others have. To become a part of Wordsworths truth, Plato’s Cave. The wind dances wild as the cold rain bites. The lonely tree, screams silence again. A great protector made from the land itself Bronze Age settlers, a wall of ice. Landscaped. Theory and emotion, Ideas and effect. For that is the feeling I get.

An uneducated observation

I find myself looking outside again, If only I had stopped before to ask more questions. I can’t begin to imagine the difference I would have made All of time I’ve taken the normal things in life for granted It leaves me bitter and angry and fucking ashamed. It’s not the first time I’ve questioned my education I come from an area where nobody like me cares. Sometimes I get sick and tired of the constant needing to show myself worth, is worsened by the fact that I feel attacked by people with more money than me, it’s a curse. How many times must I hear about my privileges? How many times must I hear that people in a place that I’ve never even heard off struggle with life twice as more than I could ever dream off. It’s the politician’s fault, at least that’s what we tell our selves But in fact it’s much worse than that, the fact is because we are white and our grandfathers ancestors, stole and raped and killed. Even worse than that though, even worse than a history mad by men who looked as women as nothing more than an object linked to success. We are killing the environment! Because somehow, we don’t need it, it’s beneath us to understand that nature is something that we hold in our hands, and will soon be lost, like that spec of sand that falls away in the ocean. It’s a notion to motion the movement of opening eyes, to the lies that we are taught, in system that teaches oppression to everyone within our nation. And by nation I don’t just mean the UK, I mean all of the other countries that we butchered because our way of life, is right and all other things need to be like the way we see. It’s hard to believe that something that didn’t exist 200 years ago is the reason why the planet will die, just to benefit the selected few. It’s true that the only way see change is to question the way that we behave especially asking deeper questions, and seeing the world without dualisms and focusing on relations. Diffraction is a reaction of meeting concepts, and I put forward the concept of re educating, the educators about their world view, and that in turn will spark something new. Eventually and hopefully making a difference is the purpose. And that’s something I wish I could do.


I was born in May, when the trees blossom At least That’s what my mother tells me, But How can a man like me ever blossom? You see, a woman can see, what a mother can see, But How can a boy like me, ever see what my mother sees in....... Me They say that seeing is believing, then believe me when I tell you that I’ve got all that it takes to be a man and I’m feeling.... Like I always feel. Let’s start at the beginning. I was a young white man, with a great bright plan, With dreams, imagination, friends and a glowing light with the right Attitude to make a difference, if only they would of listened. From a boy to a man, simply a great example it would seem, For my behaviour is stereotypic as; I joke, I drink, and I binge. It wasn’t supposed to be this way, and for me there’s a reason why, A great man once told, a man A man should never cry. So where do I go, I walk alone, tired and scared. At nights I can’t sleep, as the THUMP Of my heart Beats! As anxiety is the only type of psychiatry a man like me, deserves. I’m a product of failed promises, of the millennium and technology; I’m a rising star to nothingness, a dooming mortality. So I drink, to stop the noises, the taste of happiness, I smell the sweet serenity, to close my eyes on everything else. As a man I’m getting older, as a boy it didn’t seem to be that way, Time is getting quicker, For time waits for no man, that’s the penance we must pay. I’m a middle aged twenty five as a life time of hearing lies, Has led to a reduced life expectancy, But what was ever expected from me? I was born in May when the trees blossom, At least That’s what my mother tells me. I would only wish that I saw that blossom more often. Then maybe happiness would be a touch away, And I would just sail away, To escape the pain, from what it is meant to be a man These days.

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