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Hey there! Everything you will read here is written by a weird kid. I'm trying my best to express the things I couldn't say. And all the falling words are rhymed to hold a deep connection. All the right letters, all the right words all of these are written to find the way out. I'm a wandering soul, and I hope as I wander every words I can find and reach yours. ?


"Two Separated Stars" - Reinmari Sunlight clasps the earth Moonbeams kiss the sea I've watched as the sun kills itself To let the moon breathe I've always known the story Of mountain, river and ocean. How the mountain mingle with the river And river with the ocean But as long as.. Pale stars still shine above Falling leaves are still dancing Cupid and Psyche are still inlove Lost star will keep on going Your existence captures the mellow light Of a summer evening Your voice can turn the mad sky Into a starry night But how did you tamed the beast? Eyes that scintillates? Smile that brings dawn? Laugh that sets the poor heart aflame? Or the touch that makes the sunflower bloom? No. Love is ineffable Love is unconditional Love is... Need no knives of words But. You are the sun that protects the moon She is the moon that gives you what you need I am the mountain that mingles with the river You are the river and she's the ocean. I'm like a stricken bird That cannot reach the south Like a kid who chase the moon But seems unreachable I was drawn for you But she gives color to you I was busy counting galaxies And imagining for reaching them. And now I'm surrounded by midnight The boat sails me towards your isles But the water comes from the inside? Isn't it the hurricane in my eyes? We are the two separated stars We are the two shooting stars On the same path in the sky But ends in falling for another and say goodbye.

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

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Big Sal

Mon 27th Aug 2018 23:31

Love the sample.?

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