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Peter Roe

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Peter Roe was born and raised a ‘Northern Lad’ in Buxton in the Peak District. He has served in the RAF and has worked with computers and emerging technologies for more than thirty years in the service industry, retail and education sectors. He lived and worked in The Netherlands for six years before moving to Dorset with his Wife and Son. Peter is an award winning poet, writer and slammer, an accomplished photographer and painter who likes to shatter peoples pre and misconceptions about “Computer Geeks and Anoraks!” Peter is an eternal optimist and describes himself as “Disabled by Bread… Soft int’ head… Dad of Three… Addicted to Eye Tee… Poet and Writer… App Game Fighter…”


HARD DRIVING... I am the Techno-Shaman I live in a Haych-Tee Tee-Pee Got myself a dotcom internet Address Got myself some of that Eee-mail Got myself an Eye-Ess-Pee With loads of Kay-Bee-Pease I’m rammed up Turned on High on E Hard driving on the information super highway Cruising for a link A HOT HOT You-Are-ELL My Eye-Ess-Dee-En is running hot My Pee-See-Eye can really fly My hardwares hard and my softwares NOT Got myself a dotcom internet Address Got myself some of that Eee-mail Ee-chat, Eye-See-Q I’m ‘virtually’ yours I’m rammed up I’m turned on I’m high on E I’m Hard driving Cruising on the information super-highway ...yes that is a cat on my shoulder not a Parrot! PARROT CAT Parrot Cat, Paraquat You are like a poison to me You get inside my defences You show me how to be A little bit fluffy round the edges And fierce when I need to be But I have to stop eating mice They don't agree with me! I WISH I WAS ALBERT EINSTEIN I wish I was Albert Einstein The Scientist with the crazy hair Because if I had the IQ of a genius Then I wouldn’t really care About the end result of the football Or if the Spice Girls are going to sing At the wedding of Megan and Harry Because I’d have a Theory for Everything

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