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Paul Ziggy Grant

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Live and work in Milton Keynes. Write about anything but.


THERE IS SOMETHING MORE Mostly now I want to Slit the throat Of every sunset Then stroke it's cheap bleached hair And tell it Everything will be ok Sometimes This sadness is So sweet That all you can do Is smile As the tingle Moves all through you, As you remember How beautiful Up is So I wait At train stations In the rain, Sure that's romantic, Tell myself The next train The next one And as they close up For the night I'm a small boy Hearing thunder For the first time And looking for his father As all the lights Go out. MOST OF THEM BEGIN THE SAME WAY Going over An old poem Cutting lines Blacking them out Wiping them away Until just the bones Remain If only you Were this simple To black out To cut To wipe away To make Remain. WALLOW I'm making eggs After Six months Of trying to Scrub you From the inside of my skull With various types Of whiskey Somewhere in there I grew a beard Without really noticing I drift off for a second Think of how And why Of the tattoo on your thigh Smell of burning Snaps me back Prick It's all well and good To put myself On the rack But to ruin perfectly good Eggs, It's time I think, Move on As I tip the pan Over the bin Hear the sizzle And plop Of it hitting The bottom, See a little steam Rise up from the dark Just like me. CATCH AN ANGEL BY THE THROAT, MAKE IT SAY YOUR NAME Cleaning up in the high offices In the stink heat Of summer I pause Wipe Wonder where all the dust goes Look out the window again Young girl On a bike that's Too big for her Going by I watch As she take her hands off Tilts her head back Smiles Lets it all happen Even at distance Through glass And age And dust I can feel the heat On her skin And I smile Like I can't ever remember Smiling Until there is nothing But heat That's too big for me On my skin.


Poems have appeared in, Monkey Kettle, Ink sweat and tears, clockwise cat, meat songs, Bullet proof press, MinK, slander and Blackwater

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

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