World music wordplay, free verse fanfares, binge thinking, bad news blues: Paul Taylor’s globe-trotting musical journeys are distilled into a trunkful of engaging poetry, bounced along in a solo set of classic standards, original pieces, and spontaneous compositions. The trombone poetry album - SPEECH - is available via the website and at performances.


WHEELS WITHIN WHEELS in a huge Geordie pub full of huge Geordies I sit reading Lorca while a woman's hilarity seems to loop "The Laughing Policeman" the stout steadily sinks as I wait my turn to recycle ska under the gaze of a punter whose beard is a poorly-cleaned paint brush many rounds later midnight will send us back south the clock springing forward to circle our hangovers. © Paul Taylor 2014


New book! Life, art, music, science, travel, the odd drink. For details see:

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