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Olanrewaju Best Sodiq

Updated: Sun, 13 May 2018 10:29 am

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I am amazing, a conceptual thinker who loves to read. I make friends seamlessly. An aspiring poet.


Open the door i heard her faint voice urging me, but my hands tremble in panic The door knob seems heavy, I screamed Behind the door I heard noises indiscernible. My heart throbbing with fear. Her presence i sorely missed Unprepared for what's to come next, i stood transfixed awaiting her return. Her impossible return I awaited. You have to move on the voice urges me But I can't lift this mountain of doubt i yelled back The cold fang of her absence stings me deeply. You have to move on the voice urges me I am scared of the other side i screamed. Slowly the door creaks open amidst my protest. Behind the door, i gazed at relief standing like a unicorn. I dragged my wretched soul across to the other side,  but my body immobile. Paralyzed by guilt and anger. You have to move on the the voice urges me I am, i barked like a dog. Gazing down in defeat, I saw regrets and doubts holding me back. Immobilizing my drift. Like a sweet melody I heard the faint voice You have to move on the voice urges me. Summoning every fiber, I launched a blitzkrieg breaking free from my vices. My soul nearing depletion, but I know healing is imminent. I am free. The other side though unknown, offered sanctuary, relief and healing. The Other Side offers healing from the other side.

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