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Neil J Schwab

Updated: Wed, 6 Feb 2019 09:02 pm

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I am a true people person, an ingenious problem solver with a streak of craftsman and a dash of a comedian, and my hobby is poetry.. It where I can get my issues out. I am a very poor at spelling and I'm quite dyslex I have been working since I could lift a hammer, almost went Pro Knee Boarding, acquired my Lifeguard 1-2-3 Level and Bronze Medallion. I had achieved my Mechanical Engineering - Tool & Die & Mechanical Design Eng Tech Certification. I have designed and manufacture of many projects from start to finish. Picked up my salesperson OMVIC cert. to sell cars and truck to the public. Did well and now trying to bring a couple products to market and get rich. Happy to say I have won awards both in scholastic education and professional orientated - History in High School and Tool & Die Theory in College to National Sales awards with Honda Canada 2012.. I would trade it all for my daughters thou :) I am a full time father of the best little Girls in the world - I like to own my Integrity and pride myself on being a solid employee or friend I try to thank God each day for being so luck to be living in Canada... I hope your even doing better Friends


Forgiveness is our fortress, it keeps us trusting together Compassion given, if not extended, struggling shared between never surrendered shattered the one and all. Guilt in any capacity, tearing outsides out rapidly. Truth must be furnished naturally and brought to see the light. Deception and betrayal, brutal lovers crimes. Mutilates the face of love, never looking the same. Control and punishment, not all looks the similar, yet murders the characters and belief of sought after lovers relief. Ideals stayed but shall not be swayed in the sights of those who dwell in the good Evil is who wades in cracks of the soul and hides in shadows of with a carnal mind Sloth and greed eclipse the dawning of a new start Wrath covers blazing paths of love lifelong plights to have. Gossip and stills the merging of two hearts to unite. Respect grows Admiration and when in the plenty the boat of love steers without needing a captain. Toxic thinking is crippling, let's not think what our other thinks for we never do know one mind and moral direction does flow Focusing, together as one we must, lest one is both will eat the other unit gone Freighting feelings, forces fleeing away from our dearest land. Not to escape but seek solace and without safety encumbered upon one another we'd embark on roads alone. us on a humble and epic and Logical ride, but lots of room for love inside

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