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Amanda Milligan is a powerful performer who has been sporadically yet steadily evolving on the Manchester poetry scene since the 90’s. When she takes to the stage it is with a sense of such presence that audiences are consistently drawn in by the way in which she lyrically flourishes a metaphorical cloak and draws it back to reveal meta-physical, political and at times extremely sensual spoken word. She has a lyrical take on human dynamics and a hypnotic stage presence that makes her an accomplished and engaging performer. MzMilly has been guest writer in residence at Contact theatre, was part of the Doodlebug detonations at Big Chill House Hootenanny and Big Chill Festival. She is in Foreword, edited by Chloe Poems. (Follow link below to download book) Watching Amanda Milligan perform is a memorable experience, her compassion for language and poetry makes seeing her live an unforgettable and emotional journey' (Chloe Poems) 'Amanda is a poet of mesmerising sincerity, whose deceptively seductive delivery conceals a fierce commitment to truth and a dry sardonic wit' (Segun Lee French) 'Amanda Milligan is a poet of conscience and conviction. She performs with an engaging eloquence, words that stir and soothe the soul. Her themes reveal the vulnerabilities of being human in a world dominated by human beings'. (Anwen Lewis)


Russian Doll I’m the driftin’ shiftin don’t fit in Got grit in my boots, son of man Nowhere to rest my head but I’ve got deep roots. The talked about, shut out, won’t amount to nowt Crazy as a coot kind. I’m the forked tongued, sly eyed, despised Still know more about it than these wise guys Try my best not to tell White lies, working hard To expand into the fullness of my divine size. The climb higher, ascend mountain, see more that way Grow more wise kind. I’m the plateful, the can’t stand another mouthful Of this karmic debt, the fell down, knocked back Overwhelmed, underrated, self berated - almost liberated But I aint found peace yet kind. I’m the make the good girls look good, Neva do what man says I should. Dead easy, almost neva sleazy Spiritually overworked, but physically lazy Only meta-physical eyes can see I’m a lady Socially naïve, it’s so easy to play me, kind I’m the cornerstone, the been stripped to the barebones The aint even got a body I can call my own The cry every night because I want to go home See my maker face to face, feels its warm strong Unconditional embrace, I wanna know if I’ve won the race I can’t be comin back here agen so please let me know what I need to do To settle my case kind. I’m the deep well, the can’t tell from lookin, it’s a bottomless pot that I’m cookin with I’ve got an endless abundance of love to give I’m the willing to be vulnerable, get hurt, lose my shirt, back you all the way - stay - until my intuition tells me to leave you, the grieve you when I have to go kind. The able-bodied, heterosexual, white, working class, middle-aged female, Divine Human Being kind. Gypsy Caravan Home is where the heart is. Jeezus, I think my heart might be with you. I have this piece of me missing. Am so cold Head aches I am ill Skin shivers Can't eat Solar plexus hurtin Can't eat Heartbeats Are an echo far away I am where you are A roaming satellite thing Following Where you are I am a scattered thing I don't know and I want to But I wont ask You feel Powerful as a planet Pulling me, a scattered system Powerful as an atom Splitting open this quiet quantum Powerful as the pull of the moon On the oceans and me I follow the moon to where… Home is where the heart is I have a gypsy caravan, drenched, on my sleeve So I can be where you are Without notice Where are you with this? I don't know And I want you to Tell me Tell me I wont ask Powerful as not knowin Powerful as silence Am steppin out now don't know where I am Know I could leap But stop short Like a horse Faced with a something That freaks it out Thanks for leadin Me to water don't know yet if im gonna drink. Smells like ayauasca And I think you might be about to I might be about to allow you To completely blow apart And put together agen The way I feel and think.

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

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Julian (Admin)

Fri 29th Feb 2008 10:31

Tis, too. Fabulous.
It's the way you read it, too, Amanda. Your stage presence is superb and your poetry touches the souls of the listeners, those with ears they can call their own.

<Deleted User>

Tue 9th Oct 2007 23:56

I love these.

Moxy Casimir

Sun 24th Jun 2007 20:52

Wonderful! Powerful, original, humane.

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