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Updated: Tue, 24 Jan 2023 06:59 am

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A Bangladeshi poet.

The freedom fight of Bangladesh

In the land of Bengal, where the rivers flow, A struggle for freedom, began long ago. Against oppression, and an unjust rule, The people rose up, to break the cruel. From the fields and the factories, To the streets and the cities, A cry for justice, echoed through the land, As the people took a stand. With courage in their hearts, And determination in their eyes, They fought for the right, to live as free, And to break the chains, of tyranny. Through blood and sacrifice, They fought for their rights, And for the independence, they so desired. The war for freedom, was a fire. But in the end, their efforts paid, As they emerged victorious, on that fateful day, With a new nation, born in the East, Bangladesh, emerged, as a nation at peace. For the sacrifice of the brave, For the rights of the people, We honor and remember, The freedom fight of Bangladesh.

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